Elemental entertains with three esoteric plays


After seeing an exciting production of “Amadeus” by the Elemental Theatre Collective, we decided to see what they could do with its latest project: a short play festival at Perishable Theatre.

This is their fourth year for this writing challenge, where three playwrights have created a play using elements of the Catholic Sacraments, with the three plays set in a remote cabin. The result is three thought-provoking plays, each about a half hour in length and all artfully directed and acted.

Under the collective umbrella of “The Father, the Son and the Holy Go, Go,” Elemental Theatre has entered the field of talented theatres offering quality productions in our small state.

George Brant’s “The Cabin” is directed by Dave Rabinow and stars D’Arcy Dersham and Alexander Platt, both equity actors, as a married couple dealing with an eerie secret. Karen brings Scott to the cabin where she experienced her first love, a love that has haunted her through the years.

The writing is crisp, building to a crescendo that I found fascinating and very original.

“RedPop,” written by Platt and directed by Melissa Rabinow, stars Kelly Seigh, Dave Rabinow and Alexander Platt. Seigh plays Molly, a young woman who finds out she is pregnant and retreats to a remote cabin to sort things out.

The father of the child (Rabinow) shows up, much to her displeasure. Meanwhile, Molly is dealing with the mystic appearance of her former band teacher who is in prison for taking liberties with some of his female students.

The relationship between teacher and student and expectant mother and father both walk a narrow line, as Molly tries to make sense of her life and answer a nagging question. Again, we are presented with an original, thought-provoking play.

“Two of Us,” written by Dave Rabinow and directed by Alexaner Platt, stars D’Arcy Dersham and Melissa Bowler as two women who have fled by a ’70s commune only to connect three times in their lives at the same remote cabin.

The play deals with relationships and takes a few interesting spins, as one of them concludes that everything happens in threes.

The plays continue at Perishable Theatre Thursdays through Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. through Feb. 7. Tickets are very reasonably priced at $15 (That’s five bucks a play!). Reservations by calling 447-3001 or going online at www.elementaltheatre.org.


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