900 signatures collected to benefit animals


Within three hours, 900 signatures on six petitions to help animals throughout Rhode Island were collected at Pet Supplies Plus in Garden City on Jan. 6 by Dennis Tabella, Director of Defenders of Animals and several volunteers.

Despite the cold temperatures, 151 people attended to help further support proposed legislation to enact further laws and to solve loop holes in current laws, such as House Bill No. 7045 which is an act relating to animals and animal husbandry-care of dogs (which would repeal the exemption which allows hunting dogs to be kept outdoors in cold weather) such as in the most recent case in Warwick.

Another petition was also available for signature will go to the West Warwick Town Council to take the necessary actions to place the volunteers from the West Warwick Angels Caring for Animals and Defenders of Animals back into the West Warwick Animal Shelter.

In the petition it states, "Volunteers have spent years making the West Warwick Animal Shelter a better place for the animals and have provided an invaluable service to the town by their expertise in handling animals and fundraising capabilities.

This petition is being mailed to each West Warwick Town Council member asking that the volunteers from West Warwick Angels Caring for Animals and volunteers from Defenders of Animals be allowed to return to volunteering at the West Warwick Animal Shelter.

Volunteers made it possible for animals to receive emergency medical care, provided exercise for animals that would have been stuck in dog runs and cages for long periods of time, socialized pets to make proper placement possible, and assisted animal control personnel in various ways.”

Another signed petition was in favor of House Bill No. 7032 which is an act relating to domestic relations and domestic abuse prevention. This will permit the family court to award custody of household pets to the plaintiff in a domestic abuse complaint.

Defenders of Animals’ also is petitioning in support of legislation that would prohibit de-clawing on a cat unless a veterinarian has determined that the procedure is necessary for medical purposes.

Lastly, a petition was also signed to support House Bill No. 7025 which would create an "Animal Abuser Registry Act" which would require all persons convicted of crimes involving animal abuse to register with an online registry to be established and maintained by the attorney general's office.

Defenders of Animals Inc., began a 36-year journey of caring for and defending the rights of animals in April of 1978 and was founded by Dennis Tabella and Patricia A. Tabella.

To contact Defenders of Animals, they may be reached at 461-1922 or defendersofanimals@msn.com.


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I wonder if the response to protecting children would have been so rapid.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

davebarry, it's been my experience that there's something profoundly wrong with people who care for animals more than human beings, whether they're social misfits or somehow scarred in their early life.

Caring for animals is fine, but there's a fringe who do so while wishing harm or death upon those who don't share their sociopathy.

I wonder if they brought money or yummy treats? My cats don't much care the taste of signatures.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Both of your comments are why the response was rapid. There is no humanity in humans. Animals don’t ask for all the BS they go through. Humans suck! Look at the world. We destroy everything. Y’all are no better. If you have a cause to support, quit warming your seats and go DO something about the problems you see in the world. Damn keyboard warriors find something else better to do.....like protect “the children”. Stop being jealous and go support your own causes. FFS.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

"Hey, Koolaid!"

You have no clue what my charities are, but i can tell you they benefit the human race.

Thank you for proving my point, though...

Monday, January 15, 2018

Dave Barry109 and RISchadenfreude: what we do regarding animal welfare, abuse and neglect is our choice. We are far from being "social misfits". Animals have no voice and they were here first. Sounds like you both are uncompassionate and heartless social misfits! Please take you useless words elsewhere!

Thursday, January 18, 2018