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Glen Hills sixth graders set a ‘Positive’ example
Herald photos by Jen Cowart
MODELING PROPER BEHAVIORS: James Horton, Mason Bruno, Steven Crawford, Domenic Rainone, Noah Goldthwait, Zachary Ahlquist, Nicholas Williams and David Boffa model proper school behavior for their peers.

Glen Hills Elementary School recently hosted an afternoon filled with student walk-throughs: a set of mini skits and presentations for kids, by kids, surrounding the theme of Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS).

Each skit was created by sixth grade students, who showed their audience the types of behaviors that are appropriate for school, and those behaviors not appropriate for school in each area of the building. The students learned expectations for lunchroom, bus, hallway, library, restroom, recess and computer lab behaviors and are expected to maintain those behaviors during the school day.

The program was created by the students on the Sixth Grade Committee, Guidance Counselor Andrea Coombs, Physical Education/Health Educator Alyssa Jeschke and Art Educator Paul Carpentier.

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