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A Cure for Wellness



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(Ghostlike sci-fi)

This strange, eerie movie starts off great and slowly turns into overkill, as the plot goes out of control.

Dane DeHaan plays a young stockbroker named Lockheart who is sent to a spa located in an old castle in the Swiss Alps to bring back the company's CEO, who has come under the spell of the cult-like facility and it's eerie doctor (Jason Isaacs). He senses something is not quite right when the CEO refuses to return and the patients and staff act in weird ways. And who is that young girl walking barefoot on the high ledge of the castle?

On his way back to the airport, unable to convince the CEO to leave, our hero is involved in a car accident, waking up back in the clinic with a cast on his leg. He becomes a patient/prisoner and is subjected to conditions that play with his perceptions.

If there's a lesson along the way, it is don't drink the water.

The movie goes on for nearly two and a half hours, as things go bump in the night and strange rituals occur in the castle's catacombs. Lockheart is subjected to weird treatments and suffers hallucinations, many involving slithering eels.

If the movie is strange, the ending is even stranger.

The photography is both ethereal and beautiful, especially scenes of the mountainous area leading to the castle.

If you want something a bit different, "The Cure for Wellness" might satisfy you.

Rated a big R, with violence, nudity galore and some profanity, in addition to some unpleasant graphic images.


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