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(Mostly true tale of bungled robbery)

Take four college guys with too much time on their hands. Give one of them the idea of stealing a valuable book. Follow them through the process of organizing their plan, testing it, and then following through.

To make it more interesting, have the four real men actually tell their stories a year later by interjecting them into the movie.

The four friends from Kentucky case the Transylvania University library's special collection room, zeroing in on a rare Audubon bird book.

The movie plods along as they plan, regroup and finally are ready for the big day, which turns out to be a disaster.

It is a clever approach to filmmaking that will keep you interested, even if it is obvious how the escapade is going to turn out. You will also find the ending interesting, where we learn "where they are now.” A bit bizarre, and surely something like you've never seen before.

Rated R, with an excessive use of the four-letter word in all its forms.


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