Armageddon vs. the NFL


To the Editor:

As the world sits on the verge of armageddon with a potential nuclear war weeks, days or even hours away, the most talked about subject on American’s minds this week appears to be the NFL response to the president’s comments, reprising his infamous reality TV line “They’re fired.”

The powerful forces of our free press, the Fourth Estate, seem to have completely shifted the focus of most Americans attention from possible world-wide destruction to a boys game played by multimillionaire men. The world has suddenly come closer to nuclear war since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Arguably the U.S. was led back then by a government far more astute to the world political, economic, social, historical and ecological damage that a nuclear war would cause. But there is no possible argument that today the U.S. faces a much less rational enemy in Kim Jong Un than Nikita Khrushchev.

We need to shift our attention from football and race relations to worldwide and planet survival.

Frank Justin



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