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* * * ½

(Exciting caper/car chase movie with a few twists)

Anset Elgort stars as a young, baby-faced driver who is in debt to a heartless boss (Kevin Spacey), paying him off by being the getaway driver in his heists.

Baby has one more job to do to pay off his debts, but we all know that Doc isn't going to let his good luck charm off the hook. Doc works with a different crew every time, and they are all a bunch of psychopaths who wouldn't think twice about blowing people away.

So we have a high-speed car chase movie with lots of violence, something we've seen many times before. But this one is a little better than the rest, with a few twists and turns, and some sympathy for Baby, who takes good care of his deaf foster father. Add some great photography as cars race through the streets of Atlanta.

Throw in a love interest with the local waitress (Lily James) and a great supporting role by Jamie Foxx, and "Baby Driver" will keep you interested for almost two hours. There's a smashing good ending to this fast-paced, if a bit too violent, movie.

Rated R because of that violence and profanity.


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