Conduct that should be denounced


To the Editor:

The utter hatred directed by the progressive left at our president must be egregiously shocking to the vast number of good and decent people of this country. They see revolting pictures of an entertainer holding the bloody, decapitated head of the president. They read of a politician on the left who hopes the president will be assassinated. They see film of a madman who in fact tries to gun down numbers of Republican legislators. Another miscreant believes the president should be fed hemlock.

Hillary Clinton continues her vile manner by trumpeting that the president is "a clear and present danger.” The left leaning entertainers are only slightly less gross in their ugly pejoratives. And this is only some of the hate being spewed.

How has this madness in our country come about? How has the violence and chaos progressed to this manic level? None of this lunacy would have exploded to this level if good and honorable people had immediately spoken out forcefully and without equivocation, condemning every instance of this depravity. Leaders in the Democrat Party were notably silent when they should have immediately and without equivocation denounced those in their base who were guilty.

They have chosen to remain silent for the most part and the insanity continues. Hardly conduct one could admire or accept.

Sam Parente



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