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* * ½

(Less of Gru & more of Minions would be better)

Why do they always seem to make one too many sequels?

Seeing less of Gru (voice of Steve Carrell) and more of the Minions would have been more enjoyable.

In this one, Gru has reformed, working for the government to catch the bad guys, raising the three orphans with his wife, Lucy (Kristen Wiig), and trying to keep the Minions on the straight and narrow.

Lucy and Gru get fired after letting the evil Balthazar Bratt escape. The family goes to visit Gru's long lost brother, Dru. Dru wants Gru to teach him all of his villain tricks and moves, but Gru remains true to his vow to be good.

The movie jumps around with too many subplots that have the Minions in prison, Gru's daughter chasing after a unicorn, Lucy trying to bond with the oldest girl, and, eventually, a long, dragged out chase with Bratt re-stealing a precious diamond.

The kids may enjoy the antics more than the adults. We quickly tired of the slapped-together plot and found the humor to be dull and boring. Enough is enough.

Rated PG, with the crude humor that appeals to kids who laugh hysterically at the passing of gas.


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