Epic premieres dark parody


David Adjmi’s very dark parody of the old TV comedy “Three’s Company” became involved in a lawsuit over copyright issues, winning its case back in 2012. Any similarity between Adjimi’s “3C” and the silly serial is grasping for straws.

“3C” is the apartment shared by two young women with loads of personal and relationship issues. They care for each other, yet every conversation ends up in a shouting match, and there’s plenty of shouting.

The play opens the morning after a party in their apartment, when a naked man appears from behind the kitchen counter. (Look quick if you want to see Aaron Blanck sans clothes.) The girls decide to take Brad in as a roommate, as they are behind in their rent to their abusive landlord and his crazy, annoying wife.

During the two-act play, we learn much about their individual psychological and social problems. As their interaction becomes more intense, it is difficult to care for all but Brad, who is in denial over his sexuality, and Linda (Katrina Rossi), who has some serious self-image issues. Geoff White plays the despicable, lecherous landlord who preys on one of the young women and taunts Brad with stupid gay jokes. He and his wife get on everyone’s (cast and audience) nerves.

There are strong messages about tolerance and acceptance of both yourself and others. The play is at times shocking, at times – especially at the end – poignant, and at times a bit over the top. Adjmi is an up-and-coming young playwright with lots to say. I think he could get the message across better by toning it down a bit.

Epic Theatre is performing in the new home of the Academy Players in Building 2 of the Buttonhole Golf Course. The space is small and intimate. Tickets are $15 and $20. For more information go to epictheatreri.org.


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