Get on with it and fix it


To the Editor:

We have state roads such as Rte. 14 and Rte. 5 that pass through Johnston and Cranston. But, when the state fails in its responsibility to properly maintain them, in cleaning or water drainage, why shouldn't Mayor Polisena or Mayor Fung just fix the problem and not claim it is not their responsibility. Just act in the best interests of the taxpayers. Just do it. But, they never do.

Route 14 or Plainfield St from Rte. 295 east to the Providence line has not been cleaned or repaired in years. The road catch basins are plugged with debris and several are so broken apart that it is a safety issue for children, pets, bicyclists and motorcycle riders.

Last week, I notified Johnston Councilman Delfino with an offer to walk the two-mile trek with any official that was willing to open their eyes as to the blight and the hazards. I got no takers, but Mr. Delfino did notify state officials and DOT Supervisor Nicole Pope emailed me saying the problem was being resolved. Blatant lies.

I have never been so insulted by a person of responsibility. The road did have street cleaning signs placed, but no real work was performed. It was like the street sweepers from Cranston who got caught several years ago driving their sweepers with the brushes up as a news crew followed, had returned as state workers.

My request to meet with the Director of DOT to apprise him to the deficient employee work was denied by his secretary. We hear so often of people leaving this state due to state and municipal services being sub par to other areas, and it is true. Unfortunately, the politicians think they just cannot be held responsible. Or can they?

Gordon Duke



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