Giving Trump an 'A' on cabinet selections


To the Editor:

I would like to weight in on Mr. Hastings chatter under “our hypocritical leader” in the February 7 because he leads the readers into a concept that the Democrats can stop climate change and rising tides. This earth has gone through many cycles of climate change and we are experiencing climate change but I’m not convinced that it is humankind that is causing it, unless you think that when our ancestors discovered fire that that was the beginning of the melting of the ice age. Oh, I believe we need to protect our environment and care about our earth but are you ready to give up our i-Phones and the like? How do we dispose of all those old models and we are not talking dozens but millions. My question is whose bottom line is driving the climate change issue?

It is interesting Mr. Hastings he brings up “getting along humankind” but does not talk about the extremist democrats who are rioting in there protest of our president and congress people who are republican. So to get along with humankind must mean that we must all be robots of the head democrat as the democrat congress people showed during the Senate hearings. So by Mr. Hastings thinking, we need to remove the “freedom of speech” from the Constitution for non-Democrats.

On education Mr. Hastings must think that our schools are doing very well and all our children are getting the best education in the world. If that was so then our tech companies would find employees in this country with the education to work in the high tech business, but no, the tech companies need to go to other countries because our education system has failed. We have companies in this country that have employment vacancies but they have been unable find qualified people to fill those jobs. Senator Whitehouse himself did not go to public school and his children did not go to public school, because he wanted a better education for his children and sent them to a private school. But he voted “no” on Mrs. DeVos because he is against parents having that choice for their children to get a better education. I believe Mrs. DeVos does not need the unions or lobbies for her reelection campaign but is free to look at other options that may improve the education our children receive. It is interesting to hear some Black Democrats tell how poor the education is for black children but the last 8 years has done little to change the system.

Well Mr. Hastings, if you are not aware that automation of the work place has been taking place for years, even before and during President Obama time and will continue even if we had a Democrat president, so I believe we need to bring jobs back if we want to do anything about poverty and crime. You don’t solve poverty problem by giving more money but if we can give employment then they also get personal value besides a paycheck. So I give President Trump an A for picking people who do not need the job and picking people who are smart. They did not get there being stupid.

On your last point. I don’t need a mother government to make health care decisions for me and I resent having to pay for someone’s healthcare cost when they make stupid choices. I think it is a crime when healthcare insurance companies dictate what a doctor will charge but only pay that doctor a fraction of that charge, but if you do not have insurance you pay full price. That price must be inflated when you compare it to what the insurance company pays. Besides that we are limited to who we can get healthcare insurance from because of government rules. Being forced to buy healthcare insurance is wrong. The change over to the new healthcare system will go smoother than the implementing of Obamacare, and without the lies that came out of the Obama administration about keeping your healthcare.

So you know what you do with your dirty t-shirt.

Allan Bucklin

East Greenwich


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