Judges, not lobbyists


To the Editor:
Mr. Frank Saccoccio is a lobbyist for the Rhode Island Second Amendment Coalition, an NRA surrogate. I have testified numerous times at Cranston City Council meetings and at the State House advocating for common sense gun legislation and have encountered Lobbyist Saccoccio and members of his organization. As a citizen of the City of Cranston I don’t ever want to be in position where Municipal Judge Saccoccio is deciding my legal rights and fate.
Members of Mr. Saccoccio’s coalition have bullied and harassed me and my colleagues at the State House because we have a different view of the purpose of weapons in our communities. I find it appalling that I or any of my colleagues might have to stand before Judge Saccoccio knowing that he represents a group that opposes my views and beliefs and uses intimidation as a tactic.
The issues are irrelevant; our system is based on the perception of fairness and judges as being unbiased. This is not the case with Mr. Saccoccio. He is biased and represents views that many citizens in our city have engaged with him on as adversaries. It would be unfair for any of us to have to go before him as a judge. It is critical that Cranston appoint judges who can judge without the perception of bias or a grudge. Mr. Saccoccio is entitled to his views, but he is not entitled to have his views impact how he judges people who disagree with him and his organization.

Tom Wojick


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