Keep your hands to yourself!


To the Editor:

The news is filled with stories of men inappropriately touching and sexually harassing women. It’s caused me to wonder, what gives men the right to do this? Why do you think you can touch us whenever you want or make suggestive remarks: a pat on the buttocks, grabbing a breast, grabbing your crotch, forcing kisses on us? The behavior is prolific and we have learned to be cautious and not put ourselves into compromising situations. Antics such as having a button to lock an office door so no one can interrupt whatever unwelcome groping may happen. Needing to “put out” in order to get a job. The cover-ups: people in power knowing that one of their own is behaving badly, yet doing nothing about it.  

Why do you think it’s okay to touch us? Without permission? Have you no control over your hands? Or your brain? Do you even know it’s inappropriate when you grab at us and pat us?

Shame on you!

It’s not funny. It’s not a joke. It’s hurtful and can be frightening. What are you thinking when you behave this way?

Keep your hands to yourself!

Marsha Leonard



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Get over yourself...most of the pigs that do this live in a world of power and money...the rest of us don't have the time or the inclination to touch any of you..we're too busy trying to keep our families alive...in a world that destroys most of us on a daily basis...

Wednesday, December 13, 2017