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* * ½

(Sci-fi action comedy)

Chris Hemsworth stars as Agent H, an MIB British agent who teams up with rookie female Agent M (Tessa Thompson) to save the world. Emma Thompson appears at the beginning and end as the big boss and Liam Neeson appears now and then as their boss. But where is Will Smith when you need him?

The story is one big mess as the odd couple race from Paris to Brooklyn to Marrakesh, chased by two aliens who destroy things with lasers coming out of their eyes.

The movie has lost its center as dozens of characters are introduced and disappear while the pair find an object that turns into a huge gun, travel through the sky in a flying vehicle, and eventually land on a fortress island where they encounter a mean woman from H's past who orders their death, only to discover that her henchman was also a big part of M's past.

Make any sense? Not to me.

And then there's the mole. Through the entire movie it is obvious who it is. But wait! It's not him. It's someone else.

The only good part about the movie are the fascinating alien characters that fill the screen at every turn. Hemsworth's accent is so thick, you'll miss many of the lines, which I think are supposed to be funny.

Rated PG-13, with little to worry about accept for its dumbness.


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