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A Public Hearing on the following proposed Ordinance will be held before the Public Works Committee on Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 6:30 p.m., Council Chambers, 869 Park Avenue, Cranston, R.I. pursuant to Section 3.12 of the Charter.

Complete copies of all Ordinances are available for public review at the

City Clerk’s Office, Cranston Central Library, and on the City’s website under calendar and clicking on the meeting date.

“Individuals requesting interpreter services for the deaf or hard of hearing must notify the City Clerk’s Office at 461-1000 ext. 3197 seventy-two (72) hours in advance of the hearing date.”

Kenneth J. Hopkins, Chair Maria Medeiros Wall, JD

Public Works Committee City Clerk


It is ordained by the City Council of the City of Cranston as follows:

SECTION 1. Title 13.08 Section 340 Entitled “Wastewater discharge limits” is hereby amended by deleting there from in its entirety the following section entitled:

(Sec.13.08.340 - Wastewater discharge limits)

And by adding thereto the following:

Sec.13.08.340 Wastewater discharge limits

A. Except as otherwise provided in a written permit issued by the director of public works, no person shall discharge wastewater containing in excess of the allowable discharge concentrations:

Chemicals Allowable Discharge


(mg/l except where noted) Background

Concentrations (mg/l)

Arsenic, Total 0.022 0.003

Cadmium, Total 0.0063 <0.0009

5-Day Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand (CBOD 5 ) 2,000 lbs/day 1

1,198 lbs/day 2

334 lbs/day 3

50 lbs/day 4

25 lbs/day 5

(monthly average) 230 mg/L

Chromium, Total 2.6 0.05

Copper, Total 0.57 0.04

Lead, Total 0.30 0.0064

Mercury, Total 0.0009 0.0001

Nickel, Total 0.77 <0.005

Silver, Total 0.12 0.0002

Zinc, Total 0.71 0.06

Cyanide, Total 0.26 <0.010

PCBs, Total <0.001 <0.001

Total Nitrogen

(Ammonia-N + Nitrite-N + Nitrate-N + Organic N) 50 27

Total Phosphorus 7.3 3.58

Total Toxic Organics 2.13 0.009

1 Applicable to Significant Industrial Users (SIU) in SIC category of 2086.

2 Applicable to Significant Industrial Users (SIU) in SIC categories of 7213, 7218, and 4953.

3 Applicable to SIUs in all food processing industries except SIU’s classified under SIC code 2086.

4 Applicable to SIUs having SIC category of 4911.

5 Applicable to SIUs having SICs other than 7213, 7218, 2086, 4953, 4911 and not in a food processing industry.

The above allowable discharge concentrations (with exception to CBOD 5 ) are considered instantaneous maximum concentrations for each pollutant, that may not be exceeded at any time, regardless of duration of monitoring. These limits unless otherwise noted apply to all users of the sewer system and treatment works and will be used to determine compliance with all process wastewater discharges at the end-of-pipe following pretreatment, if applicable, and prior to dilution with other waste streams.

Total toxic organics shall mean the summation of all quantifiable values equal to or greater than 0.001 milligrams per liter of toxic organics as compiled in the most recent USEPA List of Priority Pollutants.

B. Limits established in this section and Article V, Section 13.08.260 of this chapter, may be modified and the volume and concentration of contributions from users may be subject to more stringent requirements by the director so that the aggregate contribution within the POTW treatment works do not cause odor problems, treatment facility effluent, air emission or sludge discharge in violation of the limits and requirements of applicable federal and state regulations.

C. In any instance in which federal and/or state requirements or limitations are more stringent than the limitations set forth in this chapter, said requirements and limitations on discharges shall be met by all users subject to such requirements or limitations.

D. Any industrial user which discharges or may discharge industrial wastes in excess of the above background concentrations and/or of characteristics not typical of domestic wastewaters and/or may cause interference or pass through of the POTW is subject to an industrial wastewater discharge permit issued by the city. Such permits shall include, but not be limited to, federal, state and local discharge limits.

SECTION 2. This Ordinance shall take effect upon its final adoption.

Sponsored by Council Vice-President Favicchio



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