One solid citizen


To the Editor:

I have tried to think of another headline, but none would do when I think of the man I am about to write about. Webster tells us it is one “who owes loyalty to and is entitled to the protection of government.” This individual showed loyalty every day of his life: To his family, profession, and his faith. But after that he then went to the other side of government and had a role in protecting the government, alas the people he served.

My dear fellow citizens that man was Joseph Cicione who passed away one year ago on May 30, retired lieutenant for the Cranston Police force for 20 years, loyal husband for 60 years, wonderful father of three and grandfather to one.

In addition, he was the president of the retired police association for many years, treasurer of the St. Mary’s holy name society, senior citizen organization, library board member, supporter of many St. Mary projects, volunteer income tax preparer for senior citizens for many years and a better friend one could not ask for.

When he stopped driving I had the privilege of driving him to several of his medical appointments, our conversation was always positive. Joe never complained “woe is me,” he always was thankful for all the blessings of his life, his wonderful family, his years on the police force, his work for the church and his many volunteer efforts.

Most of all his faith was never shaken. He would always come back to how fortunate he was. Many of his contemporaries may have complained of the benefits they were receiving from the City of Cranston, but Joe told me many times “Dick, I feel lucky to be receiving what I am.” Yes, he would fight for his brothers, because that was the responsibility he had, but it never spilled over to any personal request.

I’m convinced that most of his retired brothers and sisters would tell you he was a loyal brother.

And all who knew him would tell you that he was a faithful servant and was never afraid to admit his mistakes and would talk of forgiveness for those he disagreed with. Most of all to his family he was the solid husband, supporting father and the loving grandfather of J.J. Personally, I will miss him, but my memories of what he meant as a friend will always be my thoughts and love of this man: This solid citizen with loyalty to all!

I would like to end with quotes that I believe sums up the life of Joseph:

“Nothing is so strong as gentleness: Nothing is so gentle as real strength.” – St. Francis de Sales

“’Tis man’s to fight, but Heaven’s to give success,” from Homer’s Iliad.

May God welcome this loving and decent man to his everlasting kingdom.

Richard Tomlins



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