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Pursuant to Section 3.15 of the City Charter, notice is hereby given of the Final Adoption of the Ordinances below.

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Maria Medeiros Wall, JD

City Clerk




(Sidewalk Reconstruction Cost Share Program)

Passed: June 26, 2017

Approved: July 5, 2017 Pursuant to Sec. 3.14 of the City Charter

It is ordained by the City Council of the City of Cranston as follows:

Section 1. Title 12 , Chapter 12.08 entitled SIDEWALK, CURB AND DRIVEWAY CONSTRUCTION, is hereby amended as follows:

12.080.080 Cost Share Program for Sidewalk Reconstruction.

A. A cost share program is hereby established pursuant to which homeowners in the City will be eligible, subject to availability of capital and general operating funds, to have their sidewalks repaired under a cost sharing program subject to the following procedures, restrictions, and conditions. Priority shall be given to Sidewalks within ¾ mile of an elementary school.

B. This cost share program shall be limited to residential units of four units or less.

C. No commercial properties shall be eligible for participation in this cost share program.

D. This cost share program will only be for the replacement of existing sidewalks in the City. No new sidewalks shall be eligible for approval under this program. The existing sidewalks that are eligible for this program shall only be for sidewalks running parallel to the roadway in the public right-of-way. Sidewalks running from the front door of the property are not eligible under this program.

E. The property owner will be responsible for the entire cost of the sidewalk with the city reimbursing the property owner on a set unit based fee per square foot subject to fiscal limitations.

The reimbursement rates will be [$3/] $5/square foot for concrete sidewalks and [$2] $3/square foot for asphalt sidewalks. Property owners who are determined to be low income by the Comprehensive Community Action Program shall be eligible, upon delivery to the Director of Public Works, or his or her designee documentation sufficient to demonstrate said low income determination, for a reimbursement rate of [$4/] $6/square foot for concrete sidewalks and [$3/] $4/square foot for asphalt sidewalks. In no case shall reimbursement exceed the cost of construction.

F. The property owner shall be responsible for hiring a contractor who is licensed by the State of Rhode Island Contractors Registration and Licensing Board. The contractor shall also be required to show proof of liability insurance as well as proof of workers compensation insurance.

G. The contractor selected by the property owner to perform the sidewalk repairs shall be required to obtain a Right of Way Permit from the Cranston Department of Public Works. All fees for this Right-of-Way Permit shall be waived under this program. The contractor shall be required to provide proof of registration with the Rhode Island Contractors Registration and Licensing Board and shall be required to provide proof of the required insurances. This proof of registration with the Rhode Island Contractors Registration and Licensing Board and proof of the required insurances shall be presented to the Department of Public Works during the application process for the Cost Share Program for Sidewalk Reconstruction. The Right of Way Permit shall be issued with a requirement that the contractor install the replacement sidewalk in accordance with the specifications of the City of Cranston. Sidewalks replaced under this program shall be replaced to match the materials of the existing sidewalk.

H. Upon completion of the sidewalk reconstruction work, the property owner shall submit to the Department of Public Works a Completion Statement and Request for Reimbursement on the forms provided by the Department of Public Works. A city staff member shall visit the site of the reconstructed sidewalk to inspect the work for conformance to the City specifications and shall verify the total square feet of sidewalk replaced. Upon approval by the Department of Public Works that the sidewalk conforms with the conditions of this program as well as to the City of Cranston sidewalk specifications, the Department of Public Works shall submit a payment application to the Director of Finance for direct payment to the property owner.

I. The reimbursement rates to be paid to the owner under the Cost Share Program for Sidewalk Reconstruction shall be set by the Cranston City Council at different rates for concrete sidewalks and asphalt sidewalks based upon the recommendations of the Director of the Department of Public Works and the Finance Director.

Section 2. This Ordinance shall take effect upon its final adoption.

Sponsored by: Councilmen Stycos, Paplauskas, Lanni, Archetto and Council President Farina



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