Park View works for a brighter ‘Tomorrow’


The Park View Middle School community ran a successful activity drive for the patients at The Tomorrow Fund recently. The drive, which involved the entire school, was sparked by the fact that there are two members of the Park View family currently being treated for leukemia, according to faculty member Joanne Spaziano.

"We met as a team prior to the drive to brainstorm what we could do to help," she said. "Since Rachel's Challenge came to Cranston in November, we have been focusing on service projects. John Macera had suggested we do something before the holidays, possibly with Hasbro hospital. Our school nurse contacted The Tomorrow Fund and they gave us a list."

The staff and students at Park View sprang into action, creating posters and lists for the school. Within a week's time, they had collected hundreds of items on the list, which included character Band-Aids for a Band-Aid brigade, stickers for a Sticker Stampede, crayons for a Crayola Crayon Crusade and bubbles for a Bubble Bonanza.

According to The Tomorrow Fund, "Colorful band aids and stickers help stop the hurting. At the Tomorrow Fund Clinic, children can choose their own fancy Band-Aids and stickers before they receive shots or have blood drawn. Coloring pictures helps the time pass, as our kids spend countless hours in our playroom getting transfusions or waiting for test results. Blowing bubbles is a great distraction for young patients during difficult procedures and a fun way to practice deep breathing and increase lung capacity."

Spaziano was pleased with the turnout that the drive brought in.

"There must be over 100 coloring books and more than 100 containers of bubbles in these boxes," she said.

The boxes were delivered to The Tomorrow Fund prior to the winter recess; just after the tragic school shooting that occurred in Newtown, Conn.

Keeping in accordance with what they'd learned at Rachel's Challenge, the Park View community continued on with their good deeds toward others.

"Our kids came into this not really knowing Columbine, not really aware of Rachel's Challenge. This tragedy brought it all into sharp focus. This is their Columbine, this is how they're making a difference," Spaziano said.


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