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Officers Quentin Tavaras and Christian Vargas were dispatched to the bus stop near the Showcase Cinema on Bald Hill Road on February 15 around 9:05 p.m. for a report of a passenger refusing to get off a RIPTA bus.

According to their report, Officer Vargas was first to the scene and was informed by the driver that a man was seated near the rear of the bus and was refusing to disembark. The driver indicated that the subject appeared to be intoxicated.

The man stood as the officer approached, and it appeared that the subject would comply. The suspect, later identified as Benjamin Sparn, 28, of 1 Maplecrest Avenue in North Providence, was asked by the officer if he was getting off the bus. He stepped down from the rear of the bus towards the officer, said something incoherent and then the word “nuts” before proceeding to strike Officer Vargas in the groin with a right hand punch. Officer Vargas then struck Sparn with three closed hand strikes to the face, and Sparn fell back away from the officer.

Officer Tavaras then arrived on scene and entered the bus. Sparn was placed in hand restraints. The report notes that Sparn was bleeding, and a supervisor and rescue were called to the scene. The bus driver later provided a written statement confirming the officer’s account of events.

After being cleared by rescue, officers attempted to place Sparn in a cruiser as he began resisting, refusing to get into the vehicle. It eventually took five officers to contain the suspect in a cruiser. He was then transported to Kent Hospital, where it was learned that the suspect had recently been released from Butler Hospital after being admitted on February 13.

Following the incident, Sparn was charged with simple assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.


On February 19 at 10:38 a.m., Officer Albert Marano met with a complainant at police headquarters who wanted to report that her wallet was stolen.

The victim informed the officer that she was at Carrabba’s restaurant on February 18 around 6:45 p.m. in the bar area. When she returned home she noticed that her wallet was not in her pocketbook. She called the restaurant to see if the wallet had been turned in, but none was found.

Later that evening she received three emails from her credit card company that someone was trying to use her card at various Warwick stores, including TJ Maxx in the amount of $95, at Target for $18.18 and at Dollar Tree for $25. The transactions had been denied, as there was a fraud alert on her card. She stated that the party who stole her wallet attempted to use the cards between 7:10 and 7:40 p.m. The woman also advised that her checkbook had also been taken.

Along with various bank cards, the woman’s medical and Social Security cards were in the wallet. She advised that she does wish to press charges if the person responsible was apprehended. The case was forwarded to detectives for review.


Officer Quentin Tavaras, along with several members of the department, were dispatched to TJ Maxx on February 17 around 6:13 p.m. for a report of a shoplifting in progress. Dispatch had advised that a woman with black hair dressed in black and a male wearing a black hat and white top were attempting to leave the store with concealed items and were heading toward their vehicle.

Upon arrival, officers attempted to locate the suspects’ car but were unsuccessful. A member of the store’s security team waved down Officer Tavaras and ran towards the suspects’ car, and the officer pulled in front of the vehicle and blocked it in along with other cruisers.

Officer Tavaras approached the vehicle and spoke with the female driver, later identified as Jaclyn Mangione, 30, of 18 Pepin Street Apt. B2 in West Warwick, and the passenger, Ryan Bruskie, 30, of 6101 Post Road in North Kingstown. According to the report, when asked what was occurring the pair advised that they had not taken anything and purchased all of their goods. They said they didn’t know what security was talking about, and they had receipts to prove their purchases. Mangione had receipt paper in her hand.

Loss prevention then stated to officers that around 5:45 p.m., they had observed a male and female enter the men’s department, select merchandise and conceal it in the woman’s bag. They continued through various sections of the store, repeatedly taking merchandise and concealing it. The woman then proceeded to the front of the store and purchased a handbag, however did not pay for the merchandise within the other handbag before exiting the store.

Video surveillance was then viewed, which confirmed the report given by store security. Both alleged suspects were then arrested and transported to police headquarters, where they were processed. A search of the vehicle located the items in question, which combined valued at $118.90. The receipt held by Mangione was only for the handbag purchase, not the other items.

Mangione was charged with felony shoplifting due to a prior conviction and was held at headquarters for the next session with the bail commissioner. Bruskie was charged with conspiracy and released with a Third District Court summons.


On February 22 around 10 a.m., Officer Christian Vargas was dispatched to the Haxton’s Liquors on Post Road for a report of a shoplifting that occurred during the previous evening.

At the scene the officer met with the complainant, who informed him that someone had stolen a bottle of Maker’s Mark, valued at $27.99. The victim had reviewed security footage of the incident, and observed a young white male with blonde hair and facial hair, walk in and grab the bottle, which he then concealed in his camouflage jacket. He then exited the establishment without paying.

The store advised that they wish to press charges if a suspect is found. The report was then forwarded to detectives.


According to a report filed by Officer Gregory Accinno, on February 18 at approximately 2 a.m. he was on patrol on Airport Road westbound when he observed a Honda Accord with a rear plate light that was out. He followed the vehicle, which he observed cross over the fog line on two separate occasions, and conducted a traffic stop in the area of Post Road and Barden Avenue.

Officer Accinno approached the driver’s side, identified himself and the reason for the stop. The operator first identified himself as Andrew W. Horton with a date of birth of 6/23/85. He stated that he did not have his license on him as his friend had his wallet. He was then asked for the last four digits of his Social Security number, which he provided.

Backgroud checks were then run using the name given. Upon running the checks, the officer noticed that the Social Security number provided did not match and the image did not match the operator of the vehicle.

Officer Accinno then approached the vehicle for a second time and again asked the operator for his name. The driver stated he lied because he had a suspended license and did not want to get into trouble. He then gave the name of Jonathan Hood, 30, of 274 W. Main Road in Portsmouth.

Checks were run again and it was determined that Horton was operating on a suspended license. He was issued a summons for laned roadway violations, driving on a suspended license, second offense. He was issued a warning for the plate light. A licensed operator then took custody of the vehicle.


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i find the violence disturbing....hit the drunk guy 3 times in the face...I think this is ex

cessive force.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Dear Toriann,

You weren't there. Neither was I. The officer was responding to a punch in the groin. He was defending himself. Neither of us should judge him. He was risking his life at that moment because he didn't know if the suspect had a gun or other weapon. I'm just relieved to learn that the officer is safe.

He has a family that wants him home safely.


Friday, March 3, 2017

in don-ALD's amerika, a cop getting hit in the groin is worth deadly force, at the very least

Friday, March 3, 2017