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Do you need a friend to talk to, or keep you company during the day? How about a feathered friend? At the Cranston Animal Shelter, our parakeet, Crystal, is waiting.

Parakeets can live 12-15 years, and in this time, can learn how to imitate words and have a simple conversation. Although they are cerebral birds, they also love playing – especially in the water! Because Crystal’s beak can grow about three inches each year, she must be supplied with toys such as Cuttlebone.

The adoption fee for is $10. To insure we adopt all of our residents into responsible homes, we require adopters to provide proof of home ownership or a notarized letter of permission from their landlord. If you are hoping to adopt an animal but think that Crystal may not be the right fit for your home, please look for “Animal of the Week” article featured next week or pick up a copy of the PawPrint Press, our quarterly newsletter for the Cranston Animal Shelter featuring the animals available for adoption. We distribute it at local businesses and libraries in Cranston as well as at the shelter itself. You could also view the digital version of the PawPrint Press, by visiting the Cranston Police Department’s Facebook page or web page at and clicking on the Animal Shelter and PawPrint Press tab. Also, please do not hesitate to visit or call the Cranston Animal Shelter to see if Crystal is still available or if you have a question about any of our other animals. Please know that before an animal can be taken from his/her kennel, you must fill out our adoption application. These applications are completely non-binding and allow us to learn more about our potential adopters as well as shielding our residents from people who use the shelter as a petting zoo. The staff at the Cranston Animal Shelter is very dedicated to matching all of our animals to the right homes.

The Cranston Animal Shelter is located at 920 Phenix Ave. and can be reached at 401-464-8700. The Shelter is open from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.

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