Rep. Bob Lancia deserves another term


To the Editor:

Since moving to Cranston, from Providence, the changes are amazing when it comes to representation. While I am not in State Representative Bob Lancia’s district, I hear enough about him, and have been with him often enough, to get to know him very well.

The State Representative I know is a man of strength and stamina, a man of unquestionable character who is honest and compassionate, a man who fights for the poor and underprivileged, a tireless advocate for those without a voice in state government, a true leader who has the respect of both superiors and subordinates, and a man who is a deliberative and thoughtful legislator who listens to all points of view before making a decision.

Rep. Lancia can often be seen in many under served minority communities, with his wife Maryann always at his side; communities where he and his wife have made many friends while fighting tirelessly to get their voices and concerns heard by state government.

Rep. Lancia is an individual who also advocates to better the lives of Rhode island's veterans, sponsoring several pieces of legislation, as well as working with groups like the Samaritans of Rhode Island due to his concern for the crisis regarding veteran suicide. His interest in suicide prevention has also led him to sponsor a yearly "Bow-ties Against Bullying

Day" at the State House every year as well.

To say he makes himself accessible would be an understatement! Whether it's reaching out to the students in his district for tours at the State House followed by mock legislative sessions, or visiting the same schools to read to the children, he is easily accessible to students and their parents alike.

When it comes to wanting to express your concerns, problems, or just say "Hi", Rep. Lancia walks the district on a regular basis to keep his constituents up to date, and get their input, on the important issues that will come before him in his duty as their Representative at the General Assembly. He also hosts a monthly "Coffee with Constituents" to hear his constituents thoughts and concerns.

Thanks to Rep Lancia accountability has been restored to Cranston. Some of things he continues to fight for are lower taxes and fees, 911, an Inspector General, zero-based budgeting, line item veto, voter initiative, and making our state a more business friendly environment.

Rep. Bob Lancia is a doer and not just a talker. I am proud to not only support him, but to also do what I can, all in an effort to help him continue his representation of District 16 in Cranston.

H. Russell Taub



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