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(Courtroom drama)

Denzel Washington stars as the title character, a savant type lawyer who writes briefs for a famous lawyer who dies suddenly, forcing his law offices to close. Roman has spent the past 26 years working in the background when he is suddenly out on the street looking for a job where he can continue his high principles while living very modestly.

Colin Farrell plays a successful corporate lawyer who sees a use for Roman's skills, in spite of his many odd characteristics. Roman believes in causes more than ambition and compensation, but slowly gets pulled into corporate law and the way the legal system works in the "real world.”

The movie becomes a platform for the discussion of moral issues, centering around the Los Angeles legal system, plea bargaining and lawyer-client privilege. Roman wrestles with right and wrong, makes a bad decision, and finds himself in hot water. He is in deep conflict over his actions versus his beliefs, raising many questions for the audience to ponder long after the movie ends.

Rated PG-13, with little interest for the young ones.


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