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Transitioning make-up from winter to spring can be confusing. Along with using different skin care products, you also need to change the color palette of your make-up.

Your foundation needs to be lighter in texture as the season progresses, and it also needs to deepen in color as you tan. Look for words like “sheer” and “lightweight.” I mix my own year-round by having a light and dark foundation and mixing in a little SPF moisturizing sunscreen to adjust the color. I blend it in the palm of my hand and then try it on the back of my hand, which mirrors your skin tone the best.

This is a great time to add a little bloom of color to your make-up. The keyword is subtle. Stay in line with your personality and skin tone – there is no need to look like you are auditioning for the Cirque De Soleil.

A great place to start is with your eye make-up. A soft peach, lilac or baby blue looks great on any lid, regardless of your eye color. Stay away from too much shimmer – this accentuates lines and creases. Above the lid and below the brow is where you want to use a darker color. Grey and light brown work well.

When applying eye makes, use the proper brushes, a Q-tip or your ring finger. Brushes are great for blending when you are finished, for a smooth look. When adding color to the crease, go a little darker on the outside of the eye and taper off toward the center. This trick will open up your eyes. You can also add a little liner on the top and bottom outer corner along the lid line. I use a Q-tip, slightly moist, and apple, the same color I used in the crease. This is a little more of a dramatic look, best used at night.

Always add a matte ivory to beige matte color from your eyebrow to the crease color. To finish, use apple mascara. Use an eyelash curler to make them more visible. A trick I learned is to warm the eyelash curler with your blow dryer on warm, first. This is like using a curling iron and really works. Go easy on the heat – no need to burn your eyelids. Don’t forget to apply to the top and bottom of your top eyelash. Some women opt out on lower lash mascara. I like a very light coat to accentuate them.

Now, for blush – just smile and look in the mirror. Blush looks best when applied to the apple of your cheeks. A light peach or pink depending on your skin tone works best.

For the lips, I love the new lip pencil lipsticks. They are available in most drugstores and they come in sheer powder lip cream and matte colors. Avoid dark colors as you age. Our lips get thinner with time and lose their plumpness. Dark colors accentuate that, so stick with softer colors. Using a little exfoliating scrub on your lips help you lip color go on smooth and last longer.

Now go out into the world and smile! Check out my blog at sixtiesandsexy.net for a great video on make-up application.

My name is Cindy Fera. I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 40 years. My goal is to share some tips to help you live your best life. Join me on this journey.


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