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The Great Wall



* * ½

(Fantasy action flick)

Matt Damon plays a mercenary warrior captured by the Chinese, who are defending their territory from lizard-like monsters.

When he and his cohort  (Pedro Pascal) help the Chinese fight the monsters and save the beautiful and hard-fighting Commander Lin, they join their captors in defending their land, which just happens to be at the Great Wall of China.

With a cast of thousands – actors and computer-created monsters – the movie has an epic quality to it, but it is just another fantasy action film.

Controversy over the Caucasian saving the Chinese has drawn some interest in the movie, which goes on with endless battles for over two hours.

There are some interesting mechanical devices used in the battles, and the army consists of both men and women, but beneath all of the clever gimmicks, "The Great Wall" hasn't much substance to it.

Rated PG-13, with lots of fighting and killing of humans and non-humans.


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