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* * * (Don)

* * * * (Joyce)

(Portrait of an aging actor)

Joyce loves Sam Elliott. Loves his looks, loves his acting, and especially loves that deep baritone voice. I like him, too, and I enjoyed the portrait of his Lee Hayden, an aging actor, relegated to doing radio ads...just not as much as Joyce.

Lee gets two pieces of news. The first is from his doctor, telling him his pancreatic cancer has advanced. The second is from an obscure association of elderly western culture fans, telling him he won an award.

Meanwhile, he meets a woman young enough to be his daughter, has an affair, forgets a dinner date with his estranged daughter, and has the bizarre acceptance of his award go viral on the Internet. The public starts paying attention to the forgotten actor again until he blows an audition and goes into a funk. His new girlfriend is a stand-up comedian and uses her sexual experiences with him in her routine, causing a breakup.

The movie has some good messages about family, aging, relationships and fame. The title comes from Hayden's only hit movie. The story is interesting, but I'm not sure how good it would be without Elliott as Lee Hayden.

Rated R with profanity, sex and lots of drug use.


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