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The pitfalls of technology in a salon setting


I worked in salons for years as a nail technician and finally owned my own salon. I can tell you that cell phones and salons don’t mix.

When cell phones first came out and a client’s phone would ring, they would simply say, “I’ll check later.” We didn’t have the urgency we have now. Having gone from no answering machines in our homes, a missed call wasn’t that important.

After a while, things started to change. My clients would say, “let me check quickly.” Because I was usually holding one of their hands, they would rustle around in their pocketbook looking for the phone with their free hand. They went through every worse scenario about the call they were missing and just wanted to make sure it wasn’t their child or elderly parent.

Then it changed even more. They would quickly glance at the number that was calling them and say, “Let me just check to make sure everything’s okay.” Now this necessitated them switching hands because by now I needed the other hand.

For hairstylists it was just as bad. If the client had hair color on their hair, then it would get on the phone. If they were blow-drying the client’s hair they had to stop.

When did we all become so important that we can’t take a break from our phones? If you are in a salon and one starts ringing everyone scrambles for their phones. It’s hilarious! Thank God for gel polish, which dries immediately because wet nails and cell phones really don’t mix. Plain and simple, salons and cell phones don’t mix.

Nothing is more annoying then listening to half of a conversation by the lady having her service next to you. Let’s go back to the old days when going to the salon was a relaxing time, a time for you. Let’s silence our cell phones in salons and enjoy other people.

Repeat after me…I’m just not that important, I’m just not that important…


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