Voting for Flanders, Fung


To the Editor:

As an active Republican I wish to comment on the upcoming primary election. In my local area in Hopkinton we have only two competitive races on the ballot, that of United States Senator and Rhode Island Governor. I will be voting for former Justice Robert Flanders for United States Senator. Not exactly a tough choice to make. His primary opponent, "Rocky" De La Fuente, resides in San Diego, California. He just lost the Vermont primary for U.S. Senate, obviously leading to the question, why would someone go state to state to do such a thing, even if they legally can do so? I like to give a "nod" to outgoing State Representative Robert "Bobby" Nardolillo, for his U.S. Senate campaign, and the gracious way he conceded to former Justice Flanders.  

I will be voting for Cranston Mayor Allan Fung, in the primary for the governorship. He understands one of the foundations of our state, its cities and towns. As a candidate for Hopkinton Town Council, and a former town council member, I appreciate that he has proven executive experience.  While I am supporting Mayor Fung, I give a "nod" to Giovanni "Gio" Feroce, a former State Senator, one of his primary opponents. Mr. Feroce showed respect to the Rhode Island Republicans, by attending the nominating committee meeting of the Rhode Island Republican State Central Committee. In addition, he attended the endorsement convention of the state central committee.

I usually work Sundays, and asked for it off, which for me time and half. My employment is in retail. I am not pleased with Patricia Morgan, R-West Warwick, our Minority Leader of the Rhode Island House of Representatives and Joseph Trillo, former Republican state representative from Warwick. Leader Morgan showed a lack of respect to a number of active Republicans, who showed up at the nominating committee and "state convention,” by attending neither. Whether she thought she would win or not, she should have showed up. A legislative leader is one of the leading members of their party, and her conduct is not laudable! It is kind of interesting, she complains about debates with Mayor Fung, when you consider her treatment of the state party recently.

Mr. Trillo chose not to run as a Republican for the governorship but is positioned to be the "spoiler" in this year's gubernatorial election. It is a well-known fact he lead the Trump effort in Rhode Island in 2016. No one could seriously believe he is an independent, albeit technically he is an independent gubernatorial candidate. If Governor Raimondo is re-elected, Mr. Trillo likely will be her greatest asset. I do think though, Matt Brown, former Rhode Island Secretary of State, actually has a chance to beat Governor Raimondo for Democratic gubernatorial nomination. 

Politics is a tough business. I have both lost and won electoral contests. But when I vote in the upcoming Republican primary, I know what I am going to do. I respectfully suggest Robert Flanders for United States Senate, and Allan Fung, for Rhode Island Governor.\

Scott Bill Hirst


Mr. Hirst, Hopkinton Town Moderator, chairs the Hopkinton Republicans and has long been active as a Republican.


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