Western Hills wax museum takes students on a trip through time


On Wednesday, April 25, the students on the sixth-grade “King Cobra” team at Western Hills Middle School transformed the school auditorium into a wax museum.

The museum was filled with “statues” of significant historical figures spanning all of history, from Egyptian kings, European kings and queens and Native Americans, to early American presidents and first ladies, actors, actresses, sports figures, journalists, explorers, scientists, inventors, artists, nurses and doctors.

During the course of the project, the students chose a person from history and spent a great deal of time researching that person, their life story and their significant contributions to the world’s history.

Additionally, the students were required to create a timeline of that person’s life, dress as the person for an oral presentation, and be ready to present a summary of their life and accomplishments for visitors to the museum, who only had to press a button in order for the wax figures to come alive and recite the presentation before going silent again.

In total, the students represented nearly 100 historical figures, and spent an hour presenting their oral presentations for guests circulating through the museum on Wednesday.


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