Tell us something unexpected about yourself?
I was once an honorary Marshall in the Bristol Fourth of July Parade.

If you weren’t in journalism, what would do you for a living?
I would work in the hospitality industry, probably as a GM of a hotel. I received the state’s two top awards (ROSE AWARD) “recognition for service excellence” from the RI Convention Bureau and the RI Hospitality Association’s “Hotel Employee of the Year” awards all within a two month period back in 2009. I was also the Director of Transportation and Guest Services Concierge at the formerly new Providence Downtown Hampton Inn and Suites.

If you could trade places with anyone in Rhode Island, who would it be?
Without question I would be Mike Tamburro, who is the most respected executive in all of Minor League Baseball in the country.

What’s the most unusual story you’ve ever covered?
A three-week tour of the West Warwick High girls’ basketball team’s visit to Dublin and Galway, Ireland. The trek included a massive fund-raising drive, which I spearheaded and raised $26,000. The former UPI (United Press International) office in Washington, DC was supposed to have had it all set for me to work out of the Irish Times. Unfortunately, the World Cup was on and I couldn’t get into the Times. Thus, two Irish police officers saw me on the street and asked “If I needed help?” They in turn got me into the Irish Independent, where I was treated with royalty.

What’s your favorite subject to write about?
People. We hatch ‘em, dispatch ‘em and in between, watch them grow. I love promoting special events and making people happy. After all, we are all on a short ride here, so why not use our craft to help as many people as possible.