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I was at this meeting on another matter and simply shocked at the testimony and photos that were presented. I went to the area in the next several days and this tiny road was filled with cars that have to back out to leave. Children in the roadway. Fishing was taking place, but fishing is not the issue that is the problem - it is the amount of cars, amount of people, and activities such as loud music and littering that is mentioned in the article.

Trash barrels were removed, it was said, because of "misuse" - unclear what that is, but trash barrels should be returned. If you make this road no parking then you force the cars onto neighborhood roads. But some control on parking so one day we do not see a tragic accident involving the young children there.

In truth this is a policing issue - perhaps a good community liaison program could be developed between the Cranston police and those who congregate there.

From: Reeling them in

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