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I have known Mr. McKenney to be a bright, good, and honest person with a genuine concern for his community. However, the statement "We should grow our economy by helping middle class Rhode Islanders..." has become rather tired, nonspecific, and standard. Would Mr. McKenney, for example, support a reduction or repeal of the state income tax? State sales tax? Onerous business regulations? Would he endorse term limits for members of the GA? A reduction in the state gas tax? Educational choice initiatives for low income children from failing schools? As a graduate of a Catholic high school, college, and law school would he support any restrictions on abortion? Would he endorse enabling legislation allowing public school teachers to vote to de-certify their union?

Supporting "...equal pay for women" is a bit like supporting puppies and ice cream. Best of luck, Mark, as you ably tackle the tougher issues.

From: McKenney going for Dist. 30 Senate seat this time

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