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The platitudes expressed by those quoted in this article are nauseating.

First off, the danger to kids in schools nowadays (even according to these very brainaics decrying lawful CCW in schools) is wacked-out active shooters who don't GAF about laws against shooting people, or the laws in place prohibiting bringing guns into schools. I would remind everyone that they are not lawfully borne guns, but guns carried by deranged criminals.


No guns in school = NOBODY.

The notion that peaceable, law-abiding citizens should not be permitted to carry in schools is patently ridiculous.

Now, on to the claim that AR-15s and the like are battlefield weapons. They are not. They are semi-auto rifles that LOOK LIKE battlefield weapons, which are fully automatic, not semi-auto. This pernicious lie is spoon fed to gullible but well-meaning folks who are justifiably scared, but egregiously misled by people ideologically motivated to neutralize certain liberties protected by the Constitution because they don't agree with them. In fact, they hate them.

And being an ex-military person doesn't give one 'cred' to oppose the constitutionally protected liberties they swore to uphold and defend.

Let's understand one thing: The Bill of Rights is not a list of suggestions, it is a list of commands to the government as to what it CANNOT do.

The subjective rationale of "common sense" or "reasonable" does not trump black-letter commands in our Constitution.


From: Gun-control resolution fails before committee

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