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No anti-education and not anti-Charter schools but pro public education. My view of your letter is that you are anti education and pro union. I believe Charter school came about because the public school system was failing and it is still failing. One type of education does not fit all. We are all different and we learn differently. We need an education system that is best for our children. An education system that honors our achieving teachers, honors their innovation. I believe the unions have restricted our teachers from teaching and not firing the poor teachers. Thinking about this where are the parents input and would the voucher system, which would apply to all, work for a better education system where parents can have more say about their child's education. I'm a product of the public education and I know how poor my education was. Our children is where we need to focus. If charter schools do it better then close the public schools and open all charter schools

From: Charter school expansion would leave most children behind

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