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The eye opener for me is that UPS has solved the existing logistics space problem at the airport by using its expansive warehouse operation near the dog pound while FedEx putters around with its totally outdated joke on Kilvert Street. Perhaps FedEx will be a user of the new warehouse going up in the cornfield north of the airport. Only a head-in-the-sand Liberty Mutual bird would miss that one. But I missed it too! Come on RIAC. You know the answer. Use what they are building north of the airport rather than draining the public's treasure on a duplicative unnecessary on airport facility that can only be paid for with many new cargo planes with targets in their navigation computers for Rhode Island TF Green International Airport bringing that dream to a reality with nasty freight flights. The planned noise impacts that Jessica Damicis, PE, RIAC director of engineering has contracted with the the consultant are those of constructing the facility only. The crane, the lifts, the hammers etc. The mitigation plan is to expand the noise barrier for the folks on Strawberry Field Road for on going trailer truck and on the ground towing of jets back and forth. Air pollution is limited to construction only. Dust etc. Not trailer truck marshalling after the fact. Take offs and landings will not be considered. RIAC is planning to spend almost $200 million of public funds to service one more plane per day. Does anybody believe that? RIAC is extremely strapped for new revenues with pandemic relief drying up. It does have a pile of cash on hand but is facing a $50 plus million law suit payout to the former executive secretary who now works at another airport and her husband and another former TSA employee the husband a former TSA employee. They were poisoned by carbon monoxide that RIAC did not monitor and RIAC did not tell the insurance company about the suit. When the insurance company found out about the claim they refused to pay. RIAC is expecting a miracle in Federal Court for it to somehow convince the insurance company to cough up the money. That's not going to happen. RIAC needs to get hopping on this freight deal to cover those lawsuits - bring in more freighters etc - and RIAC is trying to cover all of this up.. The Mayor, Mr. Howe, the rest of the City Council, and especially the Planning Dept. need to sound the alarm about the freight plane noise rather than yack about the Pablum of creating a few new jobs. Right now the people of Warwick need a good place to sleep much more than they need more warehouse jobs with the giant Amazon warehouse going up in the field north of the airport for which everybody is saying "We don't know why they are building it. But it is pretty cool."

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