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The issue I have with this article is that the owners are presented as hard-working folk who just want to help the community. Apparently, no one from Beacon was at the June Planning Board meeting when one of the owners told the members of the Board that if their Master Plan wasn’t approved, they could just leave the site the way it is and let his sons deal with it in 20 years.

The following is a quote from the sign that was posted at the head of the Pawtuxet Trail. This does not sound like a goodwill gesture – I’ll leave it up to you to interpret.

“If all goes well at the next Master Plan Board meeting, we plan to donate the walking path and acreage to the city of Warwick & its’ people for conservation. If not, the property will be gated & there will be no access granted as it is private property and does not belong to the city.”

Maybe the person who stole their notice (and really, they followed him and called the police?) was angry because the owners took a hammer and destroyed the green Pawtuxet Trail sign (I was a witness to this). I don’t think the owners of 175 Post Road have the Pawtuxet Community’s best interests at heart, if they had they would have reached out after the first Planning Board meeting.

From: Temporary closure of river trail raises concerns over Pawtuxet site

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