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This otherwise thorough article does not mention the public comment that I made during the meeting. The key point of my comment was that on August 13, 2021 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled that the December 2019 decision by the FCC to retain its 1996 safety limits for human exposure to wireless radiation was ‘’arbitrary and capricious.” The FCC has still not responded to this decision by explaining why it ignored 11,000 pages of scientific studies, medical reports, and citizen testimony showing wireless radiation causes cancer, DNA damage, infertility, learning disabilities, and a host of other negative health effects, and why it decided there was no need to revise the 1996 guidelines. Do you recall how many people had cell phones in 1996? Please think about all of the technological changes that have taken place since then. Do you suppose that testing that was done prior to 1996 for short periods of time on the mannequin of a male adult head is protective for fetuses, children, and adolescents, whose brains and nervous systems are still developing?

The School Committee voted unanimously that Cranston Public Schools will benefit from a large grant from RIDE with respect to the 21st Century Technology and Furniture Fund. What deeply disappoints me is not that the Committee voted unanimously to agree to this MOA with RIDE, but that apparently no one on the committee seriously considered the points I had made concerning the known harms of wireless radiation and the known benefits of wired connections—no one had any comments or questions to discuss before voting to receive the money. Will our classrooms be upgraded with even more wireless tech, or will they be protected by safe, fast, secure, reliable, non-energy guzzling, wired connections?

From: Farewell to 3 who put ‘heart & soul’ into serving schools

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