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Peeling away pain by treating the whole person


Conquering mystery pain is both the personal mission of Dr. Jessica Papa, PT, DPT and the title of a book she has written on this very topic.  Jessica Papa, known to her patients as Dr. Jess, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who opened her own practice, Arancia Physical Therapy, after years of rigorous schooling and a wide range of experience in the field.  Today, patients from around the region ~and well-beyond through the advances of tele-medicine ~ come to Arancia Physical Therapy to find relief through Dr. Jess’s unique approaches to the alleviation of chronic pain.

Before opening her own clinic, Dr. Jess’s career had taken a dramatic turn when a frustration with traditional methods of therapy led to the discovery of the work of John F. Barnes, the developer of the Myofascial Release approach.  This was a life-changing and career-altering experience for Dr. Jess.

Patients with chronic pain and pelvic health conditions come to Arancia Physical Therapy come from all walks of life, with conditions that range from Neck pain to Tailbone, Sacroiliac and Low Back Pain to Pelvic Floor Pain and Dysfunction ~ and everything in between. Urinary Incontinence. Prostate Health.  Mastectomy Pain. Infertility problems. Adhesions from Abdominal Surgery.  There is little about pain that Dr. Jess is unprepared to mitigate through her holistic approach. 

With her deep understanding of the complex Myofascial system ~ a long-misunderstood web of connective tissue that is spread through the human body from head to foot without interruption ~ she employs a series of effective hands-on techniques that apply gentle pressure into that tissue to eliminate pain and restore motion. This is called Myofascial Release and its practice has upended traditional thinking about pain management and relief.  In fact, nearly all of Dr. Jess’s patients have already exhausted every other traditional physical therapy intervention ~ and their visits to Arancia have quite literally changed their lives.

While Dr. Jess treats both men and women, she does specialize in many women’s health issues, including pre-, peri- and post-natal care. What sets Dr. Jess apart from her peers is her completely holistic, whole-body approach to these and other conditions.  It is always her mission to tackle the root cause of any pain source and ultimately teach patients as much as possible about their bodies so they feel empowered and confident to self-treat on a daily basis. Helping patients achieve pain relief is easy, the challenge is keeping it gone ~ and this is when Dr. Jess’s coaching becomes so important.

Dr. Jess is always looking to grow her team and is now actively seeking a full-time physical therapist to join her team at Arancia. All applicants can submit their resumes via email to

Arancia Physical Therapy is located at 190 Midway Road in Cranston. To learn more, call 401-602-7006 or visit their informative website  Subscribe to her Podcast: Stay Healthy New England. Facebook: Arancia Physical Therapy and Instagram: @drjesspapa.


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