Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Posted 2/7/24

Much has been said about beauty, defined as “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.” Oh! There …

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


Much has been said about beauty, defined as “a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.” Oh! There are so many beautiful things that please MY eyes. HG Wells wrote “beauty is in the heart of the beholder”, and my heart is overflowing.

From our living room window, we can see the lake behind our house which displays different facets of beauty throughout the day. In the morning, the blue water is smooth as glass, reflecting the cotton white clouds in the sky. Random ducks dot the water. If I were standing outside instead of inside the house, their gentle quacks could be heard, making the experience multi-dimensional. In the evening, the sunset is breathtaking, with bright oranges and yellows painting the sky. What makes it even more beautiful is the reflection in the lake, doubling the effect. It’s like a natural masterpiece right outside our window.

Regularly, Hubby brings home vibrant bouquets, carefully chosen from Aldi’s. Each bunch is unique, a delightful composition of various colorful blooms. The inclusion of roses is a particularly charming touch, as their gradual opening adds an evolving beauty to the arrangement, changing day by day until the petals have fallen off. The flowers are beautiful, especially considering they were presented with love.

Smells can be beautiful as well, including the smell of the flowers. I love the smell of vanilla, cinnamon, and oranges, which brings up thoughts of the sun and sweetness. While the aroma of shrimp scampi frying in the pan with lots of butter is awesome to me, Hubby runs out of the room because he hates the smell of butter.

Many a time I used to ride chairlifts up and down the mountainside with my brother, who loved this activity. (In his schizophrenic haze, he was tickled to be blasting off on the Starship Enterprise.) I would ride quietly up, glancing down at the ground below, sometimes seeing a deer or two, or some brave hikers hiking up. At the pinnacle of the mountain, as the chair turned, a profound sense of awe would engulf me. Spread out beneath us was a miniature village, with cars resembling tiny ants, and a winding river snaking its way through the terrain, mirroring the clouds above. Beyond, other mountains stood majestically, touched by the streaming sunlight, creating a breathtaking spectacle. In those moments, my heart would swell with appreciation for the beauty orchestrated by nature.

Certain songs possess an inherent beauty, with “Amazing Grace” being one such piece for me. When delivered by a skilled vocalist with a powerful voice, its impact is profound. The soaring notes send shivers down my spine and gives me goosebumps. My eyes water with emotion, often to the point of tears falling on my cheeks. This song touches the depths of my soul with its exquisiteness.

 Of course, there are many beautiful people in the world. Some women, (and men) chose to use make-up to enhance their appearance. Some lucky people are naturally beautiful, including my granddaughter and my three nieces. Their facial features are soft and pleasing to look at, unlike my own which is off center, wrinkly, and make-up less. I do not believe that “beauty is skin deep”, preferring to think that my kindness, happiness, the way I smile my lopsided smile all the time, and the way I treat people contribute to an inner beauty. Saint Augustine has said “Since love grows within you, so beauty grows, for love is the beauty of the soul.” I may not be good looking on the outside, but my soul is attractive.

Even Ann Frank appreciated beauty and wrote “I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains.” Psychologically, the experience of beauty can evoke positive emotions and a sense of awe, which contributes to overall well-being and happiness. I am so incredibly happy! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this beholder is overflowing with appreciation for all the splendor in our world.   


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