The undersigned City Treasurer and Collector of Taxes for the City of Cranston hereby gives notice that he will sell at public auction to the highest bidder in the Cranston High School East Auditorium located at 899 Park Ave. Cranston, RI 02910 on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at 9:00 am the following described parcels of real estate (for the levy upon which notice is hereby given) or so much as may be necessary to pay the taxes and assessments which constitute a lien thereof assessed December 31, 2018 and/or in prior years together with the costs and charges incident to the sale.

Please note that this tax sale was originally scheduled to be held at 8:30 am in the City Council Chamber in City Hall located at 869 Park Ave. Cranston RI. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we have moved the location of the tax sale to the Cranston High School East Auditorium 899 Park Ave. Cranston, RI 02910. We have also moved the start time of the tax sale from 8:30 am to 9:00 am to allow additional time for participants to appear at the Cranston High School East Auditorium.

Each of the following described parcels will be sold for the payment of the taxes assessed December 31, 2018 and/or as to certain said parcels for the taxes assessed in prior years and/or the sewer charges and/or the curbing assessments and/or the water installation assessments and/or the pre-treatment assessments.

Information as to the nature of the said taxes and assessments and the amounts due on the several parcels may be obtained from the undersigned and will be announced at the time of the sale.

For a more particular description of said estates, reference is made to the record and plats and lots in the Tax Assessors’s Office of said City.

TERMS: Certified Funds-No Cash Will Be Accepted

David A. Capuano
City Treasurer

Tax-Sale-No Plat-Lot Name
TS_2020_1 001-0022-000 SPRING STREET REALTY LLC
TS_2020_2 001-0042-001 SCOTTI MARCO F
TS_2020_7 001-0245-000 GRECO PETER A
TS_2020_8 001-0326-000 CARUSONE NICOLA E ESTATE
TS_2020_15 002-0270-000 HOLLINS THELMA L
TS_2020_21 002-0433-000 SUVAJIAN STEVEN M
TS_2020_21 002-0434-000 SUVAJIAN STEVEN M
TS_2020_25 002-0663-000 SPREISER ELAN J
TS_2020_30 002-1021-000 IRVING WENDY
TS_2020_32 002-1376-000 MACARTHUR PAUL D
TS_2020_34 002-1424-000 DASILVA SANDROBENVINDO V
TS_2020_34 002-1425-000 DASILVA SANDROBENVINDO V
TS_2020_36 002-1456-000 FORBES ORVILLE M
TS_2020_43 002-1855-000 GONSALVES ROSEMARY
TS_2020_47 002-1997-000 DEMURJIAN JANICE S
TS_2020_51 002-2180-000 ROTONDO RONALD 1/2
TS_2020_52 002-2213-000 DUQUETTE PAUL R
TS_2020_54 002-2307-000 NGOURN DOUGLAS D
TS_2020_55 002-2323-000 JCHV GROUP LLC
TS_2020_59 002-2467-000 VALENTINI ANDREA M BUCCI
TS_2020_68 002-2649-000 JOHN ROSEMARIE
TS_2020_97 002-2991-000 BUCKLAD JOAN M
TS_2020_103 002-3097-000 MANGASARIAN MICHAEL K
TS_2020_104 002-3167-000 STEFANSKI ELIZABETH C
TS_2020_114 002-1891-000 CORREIA COURTNEY M
TS_2020_114 002-3795-000 CORREIA COURTNEY M
TS_2020_115 002-3833-000 RODRIGUEZ PATRICIA A
TS_2020_117 002-3989-001 FEENEY TRACY A
TS_2020_122 003-0314-000 FERNANDES CARLOS S
TS_2020_125 003-0991-000 REYES WILLY
TS_2020_131 003-1377-000 BROWN DANIEL W
TS_2020_131 003-1391-000 BROWN DANIEL W
TS_2020_131 003-1392-000 BROWN DANIEL W
TS_2020_134 003-1447-000 CRADDOCK STEVEN P
TS_2020_136 003-1611-000 CONFOEY COLIN R
TS_2020_139 004-0018-000 FAZIO GAYLE M
TS_2020_148 004-0854-000 MCKAY LOUISE P
TS_2020_148 004-0855-000 MCKAY LOUISE P
TS_2020_148 004-0856-000 MCKAY LOUISE P
TS_2020_148 004-0857-000 MCKAY LOUISE P
TS_2020_148 004-0858-000 MCKAY LOUISE P
TS_2020_148 004-0859-000 MCKAY LOUISE P
TS_2020_153 004-0884-000 WOLFE CHANDRA
TS_2020_161 004-1195-000 CHAPIN DALTON PARTNERS LLC
TS_2020_161 004-1196-000 CHAPIN DALTON PARTNERS LLC
TS_2020_161 004-1198-000 CHAPIN DALTON PARTNERS LLC
TS_2020_161 004-1628-000 CHAPIN DALTON PARTNERS LLC
TS_2020_165 004-1323-000 BUNKER SUSAN
TS_2020_167 004-1464-000 DYMEK LILLIAN V ESTATE
TS_2020_172 004-1711-000 BRIER GEORGIANA H ESTATE
TS_2020_172 004-2038-000 BRIER GEORGIANA H ESTATE
TS_2020_172 004-2039-000 BRIER GEORGIANA H ESTATE
TS_2020_172 004-2040-000 BRIER GEORGIANA H ESTATE
TS_2020_172 004-2041-000 BRIER GEORGIANA H ESTATE
TS_2020_172 004-2042-000 BRIER GEORGIANA H ESTATE
TS_2020_172 004-2043-000 BRIER GEORGIANA H ESTATE
TS_2020_181 004-2105-000 LONGO YVONNE
TS_2020_184 004-2213-000 IACOBUCCI MARK A
TS_2020_187 004-2238-000 ABRAM ANDREW R II
TS_2020_191 004-2541-000 MEADE JENNIFER
TS_2020_193 004-2624-000 MOIO SALVATORE B JR
TS_2020_196 004-2696-000 OPTION ONE REALTY LLC
TS_2020_197 005-0011-000 DIBIASIO ALFRED V ESTATE
TS_2020_202 005-0167-000 MONTELLA KRISSY M
TS_2020_204 005-0220-000 MCINTOSH DONNA
TS_2020_206 005-0257-000 JEAN-BAPTISTE OCTAVE
TS_2020_207 005-0283-000 OLAYE ESOSA E
TS_2020_208 005-0284-000 ACOSTA DEVON
TS_2020_210 005-0356-000 SANTOS MARIA L
TS_2020_214 005-0503-000 WALSH JOSHUA R
TS_2020_218 005-0726-000 BRIGG LLC
TS_2020_218 005-0730-000 BRIGG LLC
TS_2020_222 005-1005-000 WEISINGER DEREK
TS_2020_223 005-1049-000 GONZALEZ HUMBERTO ESTATE
TS_2020_224 005-1132-000 HOFFINGER RABBIT K & WF SHELLEY L (T/E)
TS_2020_226 005-1474-000 LICONA STEVEN A
TS_2020_230 005-1849-000 CORTES CYNTHIA
TS_2020_236 005-2073-000 HOLMBERG STEVEN E
TS_2020_238 005-2452-000 BOWER SANDRA E
TS_2020_241 006-0049-000 CALCAGNO FIDEL
TS_2020_242 006-0118-000 PAGLIARINI RONALD J
TS_2020_244 006-0166-000 DISLA CARLOS
TS_2020_246 006-0447-000 LEVEILLE CHRISTOPHER
TS_2020_247 006-0501-000 BENOIT DAVID
TS_2020_248 006-0518-000 BRIGGS MICHELLE
TS_2020_252 006-0639-000 CIANCI TONYA M
TS_2020_253 006-0649-000 THAYER KATHLEEN HOPE
TS_2020_255 006-0758-000 SMITH JOSHUA ANDREW
TS_2020_259 006-0723-000 TOWER REALTY LLC
TS_2020_259 006-1458-000 TOWER REALTY LLC
TS_2020_259 006-1539-000 TOWER REALTY LLC
TS_2020_260 006-1489-000 PEDRO MARIA ROSE
TS_2020_264 006-1641-000 AVILA ESTEPHANY A
TS_2020_269 006-1869-000 LEOGER ABIGALLE
TS_2020_271 006-1924-000 SMITH DEBORAH E ESTATE
TS_2020_271 006-1947-000 SMITH DEBORAH E ESTATE
TS_2020_276 006-2016-000 TASSONI RACQUEL N
TS_2020_277 006-2081-000 RICE MARY F
TS_2020_280 006-2262-000 MCCAUGHY GREGORY G & WF ANNA A (T/E)
TS_2020_281 006-2321-000 ZONFRILLO MARIA
TS_2020_282 006-2466-000 LARA PEDRO A CONTRERAS
TS_2020_282 006-2467-000 LARA PEDRO A CONTRERAS
TS_2020_283 006-2785-000 FLYNN WILLIAM F III
TS_2020_286 006-2876-000 BUCKLEY STEPHANIE
TS_2020_287 006-2946-000 FERNANDEZ JOSE R
TS_2020_289 006-2993-000 RODRIGUEZ KATHERINE
TS_2020_290 006-3011-000 FERNANDES MARY C
TS_2020_293 006-3213-000 JIMENEZ CARLOS A & JIMENEZ ANA L TE
TS_2020_295 007-0064-000 SUERO DANIEL A
TS_2020_296 007-0121-000 LUCKY PT INC
TS_2020_298 007-0160-000 DELTA 11 INVESTMENTS LLC
TS_2020_299 007-0203-000 WILLIAMS GERALD
TS_2020_301 007-0248-000 ROZON CHELINDA D
TS_2020_302 007-0284-000 DIMAS REALTY LLC
TS_2020_302 007-0285-000 DIMAS REALTY LLC
TS_2020_302 007-0286-000 DIMAS REALTY LLC
TS_2020_302 007-0287-000 DIMAS REALTY LLC
TS_2020_302 007-0288-000 DIMAS REALTY LLC
TS_2020_315 007-0453-000 TORRES INMAR U
TS_2020_318 007-0585-000 HICKEY WILLIAM G
TS_2020_319 007-0593-000 VASQUEZ FERMIN
TS_2020_320 007-0603-000 GURAVSKAS WALTER
TS_2020_322 007-0628-000 ESPAILLAT CHELO
TS_2020_327 007-0685-000 DIMAS REALTY LLC
TS_2020_327 007-3520-000 DIMAS REALTY LLC
TS_2020_328 007-0695-000 CARROCCIO MICHELLE
TS_2020_332 007-0747-000 CIANCI DAVID R
TS_2020_338 007-0856-000 LARNGAR SANDRA C
TS_2020_342 007-0915-000 LOMAX TINA
TS_2020_347 007-1128-000 PERREAULT MARION
TS_2020_359 007-1675-000 MANGASARIAN MICHAEL KEITH
TS_2020_363 007-2121-000 SMITH RACHEL E
TS_2020_368 007-2404-000 BURROWS STEPHEN JR
TS_2020_370 007-2506-000 MELOCARRO DIANE M
TS_2020_376 007-2753-000 JUSTA LISA A
TS_2020_385 007-2900-000 BARCELOS JOHN F
TS_2020_387 007-2943-000 CHEBBO REALTY LLC
TS_2020_390 007-3011-000 TOVAR ALEXANDER
TS_2020_390 007-3012-000 TOVAR ALEXANDER
TS_2020_394 007-3144-000 RED DOT LLC
TS_2020_395 007-3148-000 GUTIERREZ LISSETTE
TS_2020_403 007-3525-000 ADOPTANTE DENISE L
TS_2020_403 007-3526-000 ADOPTANTE DENISE L
TS_2020_405 007-3551-000 PEREZ YOLFI A
TS_2020_407 007-3664-000 COSTA DAVID
TS_2020_409 007-3722-000 CATTERALL RICHARD J
TS_2020_421 008-0107-000 NEGRON JUANA
TS_2020_423 008-0176-000 NEOU ANANDA S
TS_2020_425 008-0195-000 GABHAITAIS TEAGHLAIGH LLC
TS_2020_425 008-1617-000 GABHAITAIS TEAGHLAIGH LLC
TS_2020_425 008-2711-000 GABHAITAIS TEAGHLAIGH LLC
TS_2020_429 008-0540-000 MORROBEL JANIEL
TS_2020_431 008-0598-000 BCKBPE HOLDINGS LLC
TS_2020_434 008-0649-000 MACCHIONI ROBERT A
TS_2020_439 008-0698-000 WALMSLEY SUSAN A
TS_2020_439 008-0699-000 WALMSLEY SUSAN A
TS_2020_444 008-0759-000 PAINE JESSICA M
TS_2020_444 008-0760-000 PAINE JESSICA M
TS_2020_445 008-0782-000 MARCELLO ADRIENNE M
TS_2020_446 008-0809-000 ALBA SAMUEL J
TS_2020_448 008-0852-000 R&J LEUROPA ENTERPRISES LLC
TS_2020_448 008-0853-000 R&J LEUROPA ENTERPRISES LLC
TS_2020_454 008-0921-000 MATARESE FRANK P
TS_2020_460 008-1411-000 FUENTES FRYSLEY
TS_2020_461 008-1423-000 GOMEZ BYRON
TS_2020_462 008-1534-000 YANG NY
TS_2020_466 008-1686-000 SANSOUCI WALTER H
TS_2020_468 008-1771-000 POTTER ROAD TRUST
TS_2020_468 008-1782-000 POTTER ROAD TRUST
TS_2020_469 008-1772-000 ATAMAIN JANINE M TRUSTEE
TS_2020_469 008-1783-000 ATAMAIN JANINE M TRUSTEE
TS_2020_469 008-1784-000 ATAMAIN JANINE M TRUSTEE
TS_2020_473 008-1880-000 ROWAN ROSEMARY E ESTATE
TS_2020_479 008-2496-000 PIERRE F SAM
TS_2020_479 008-2497-000 PIERRE F SAM
TS_2020_485 008-0203-000 GABHALTAIS TEAGHLAIGH LLC
TS_2020_485 008-2739-000 GABHALTAIS TEAGHLAIGH LLC
TS_2020_490 008-2798-000 BORDIERI JOHN
TS_2020_492 009-0032-000 MERNICK KENNETH R
TS_2020_493 009-0068-002 GILMORE JUDITH M TRUSTEE
TS_2020_494 009-0080-000 LRA GROUP LLC
TS_2020_501 009-0184-000 ARLIA PAUL W
TS_2020_502 009-0223-000 ANDREWS RACHEL M
TS_2020_505 009-0363-000 MERNICK KENNETH R
TS_2020_510 009-0709-000 AUSLEY THOMAS J II
TS_2020_512 009-0756-000 KELLEY BETHANY L
TS_2020_514 009-0883-000 POMERANZ CHASE A
TS_2020_517 009-0977-000 LANIGAN LISA M
TS_2020_517 009-0978-000 LANIGAN LISA M
TS_2020_519 009-0980-000 TASSONI BRIAN J
TS_2020_520 009-1129-000 HARRINGTON REALTY LLC
TS_2020_522 009-1162-000 URIZANDI NISSHENEYRA D
TS_2020_530 009-1536-000 ZAKI JENNIFER L
TS_2020_531 009-1558-000 MORALES JOEL
TS_2020_532 009-1562-000 LANG ELIZABETH A
TS_2020_537 009-1809-000 IAB LLC
TS_2020_538 009-1814-000 SALZILLO REALTY LLC
TS_2020_538 009-1815-000 SALZILLO REALTY LLC
TS_2020_540 009-1819-000 SENA NELSON
TS_2020_542 009-1843-000 POLANCO ROSAURA
TS_2020_550 009-2599-002 LOOMIS RACQUEL R
TS_2020_553 009-2653-000 BLUEWATER INVESTMENTS LLC
TS_2020_561 009-2924-000 HUYNA MINH V
TS_2020_562 009-3064-000 ALBA SAMUEL
TS_2020_563 009-3102-000 GOOKIN SYLVESTER J
TS_2020_564 009-3153-000 BACHMAN JESS
TS_2020_571 009-3522-000 TSANG MICHAEL W
TS_2020_573 010-0006-000 MARCELLO WILLIAM J JR
TS_2020_580 010-0266-008 COASTAL CORP
TS_2020_589 010-1244-000 VESSELLA DAVID A
TS_2020_592 010-1407-000 BRAGA PATRICIA R
TS_2020_603 011-0297-000 ANTONE DEREK
TS_2020_604 011-0304-000 CHHOEUN VANNAY
TS_2020_605 011-0649-000 STEWART MATTHEW EDWIN
TS_2020_615 011-1254-000 CABANA KEVIN R
TS_2020_615 011-1255-000 CABANA KEVIN R
TS_2020_621 011-1760-000 PARK AVENUE REALTY INC
TS_2020_622 011-1764-000 PARK AVENUE REALTY INC
TS_2020_623 011-1768-000 PARK AVENUE REALTY INC
TS_2020_624 011-1771-000 PARK AVENUE REALTY INC
TS_2020_627 011-1778-000 BROCCOLI DAVIDE C
TS_2020_627 011-1779-000 BROCCOLI DAVIDE C
TS_2020_627 011-1780-000 BROCCOLI DAVIDE C
TS_2020_628 011-1838-000 LITTLE BUOY ENTERPRISES LLC
TS_2020_629 011-1851-000 VOCCIO GLEN TRUSTEE
TS_2020_633 011-2130-000 DECASTILLO ROSA
TS_2020_633 011-2131-000 DECASTILLO ROSA
TS_2020_643 011-2699-000 TINE SHIRLEY A ESTATE
TS_2020_650 011-3235-000 FOLCO VAL G
TS_2020_653 011-3268-000 HOFFMAN WILLIAM TRUSTEE
TS_2020_657 011-3423-000 BROOMFIELD MICHAEL H
TS_2020_660 011-3489-000 RIHANI NATHAN A
TS_2020_662 011-3642-000 NIEWOLA STEPHANIE
TS_2020_663 011-4004-000 KWONG DAVID Y
TS_2020_678 012-0414-000 PARK AVENUE REALTY INC
TS_2020_679 012-0417-000 R & R POLISHING CO INC
TS_2020_683 012-0630-000 BROCCOLI DAVIDE C
TS_2020_683 012-0637-000 BROCCOLI DAVIDE C
TS_2020_684 012-0634-000 PARK AVENUE REALTY
TS_2020_688 012-0796-000 WELLS FARGO BANK NA TRUSTEE
TS_2020_705 012-1392-000 BOUCHER GERALDENE M
TS_2020_708 012-1706-000 PARK AVENUE REALTY INC
TS_2020_709 012-1723-000 TORTORELLA MICHAEL
TS_2020_713 012-2317-000 DUHAMEL JOSEPH EDWARD
TS_2020_722 012-3130-000 BROCCOLI GRAZIANO TRUST 1/2
TS_2020_724 012-3139-000 M&D REALTY HOLDING LLC
TS_2020_724 012-3140-000 M&D REALTY HOLDING LLC
TS_2020_728 015-0094-000 BEHM DORIS E L
TS_2020_730 015-0188-000 ADDONIZIO PAULA N
TS_2020_732 015-0839-000 RYAN MATTHEW W JR
TS_2020_739 015-1307-000 BARDEN HOPE E TRUSTEE
TS_2020_742 015-1469-000 CAHILL KEVIN M
TS_2020_743 015-1546-000 TAVARES HAROLD J JR
TS_2020_749 016-0602-000 DERCOLE MARGARET
TS_2020_751 016-0970-000 MUKKAMALA SURYA
TS_2020_752 016-1037-000 CICERONE ROBERT L
TS_2020_752 016-1284-000 CICERONE ROBERT L
TS_2020_756 016-1146-000 BRENNAN LYNN
TS_2020_757 016-1182-000 SAXENA PIYUSH
TS_2020_769 017-0691-000 BROCCOLI GRAZIANO TRUST 1/2
TS_2020_778 017-1587-000 RICHARDSON RYAN F
TS_2020_779 017-1653-000 BROCCOLI DAVIDE C
TS_2020_781 017-1955-000 PASQUAZZI AMERICO ESTATE
TS_2020_791 018-1240-000 ELMWOOD REALTY LLC
TS_2020_797 018-1548-000 AMARAL TODD M
TS_2020_816 023-0003-000 BUNN BEVERLY
TS_2020_826 026-0308-000 TAVARES FERNANDO
TS_2020_828 027-0258-000 NADEEM MUZAFFAR
TS_2020_829 027-0398-000 FLOREZ DASHIEL
TS_2020_832 028-0028-000 DESANTIS SARAH E
TS_2020_832 028-0034-000 DESANTIS SARAH E
TS_2020_833 028-0066-888 ACCETTA JOSEPH A & ROSALIE A
TS_2020_835 028-0110-000 LOFFREDO MICHAEL A
TS_2020_842 030-0010-000 CITIZENS BANK NA
TS_2020_848 033-0014-000 NOTE CAPITAL GROUP INC
TS_2020_857 035-0023-000 REED JEAN
TS_2020_859 035-0200-000 SEDONA ASSOCIATES LLC
TS_2020_866 036-0061-011 PROULX THOMAS J
TS_2020_872 036-0123-000 HVF REALTY LLC
TS_2020_875 037-0009-091 LONGTIN JOANNA F
TS_2020_879 037-0274-000 COLLINS CHARLES JR
TS_2020_885 037-0733-000 ALJAJEH BATOL
TS_2020_887 040-0020-000 VICIOSIO LUIS R
TS_2020_888 002-0719-000 147 WENTWORTH AVE LLC



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