The undersigned City Treasurer and Collector of Taxes for the City of Cranston hereby gives notice that he will sell at public auction to the highest bidder, in the Cranston City Council Chambers 869 Park Ave. Cranston, RI 02910 on Wednesday, May 22, 2024 at 8:30 AM the following described parcels of real estate (for the levy upon which notice is hereby given) or so much as may be necessary to pay the taxes and assessments which constitute an lien thereof assessed December 31, 2022 and/or in prior years together with the costs and charges incident to the sale.

Each of the following described parcels will be sold for the payment of the taxes assessed December 31, 2022 and/or as to certain said parcels for the taxes assessed in prior years and/or the sewer charges and/or the curbing assessments and/or the water installation assessments and /or the pre-treatment assessments.

Information as to the nature of the said taxes and assessments and the amounts due on the several parcels may be obtained from the undersigned and will be announced at the time of the sale.

For a more particular description of said estates, reference is made to the record and plats and lots in the Tax Assessors’s Office of said City.


David A. Capuano
City Treasurer

Tax-Sale-No            Plat-Lot                    Name

TS_2024_1              001-0018-000           PACHECO GILBERT SR ESTATE

TS_2024_2              001-0022-000           SPRING STREET REALTY LLC

TS_2024_3              001-0238-000           ALLEN LAMONT T

TS_2024_12            002-0091-000           RODRIGUEZ SALSIA

TS_2024_13            002-0115-000           UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

TS_2024_15            002-0255-000           PACHECO GILBERT ESTATE

TS_2024_15            002-0256-000           PACHECO GILBERT ESTATE

TS_2024_16            002-0258-000           TAYLOR ANASTASIA M

TS_2024_18            002-0311-000           FINKLEA WILLIAM LAMARR HARRISON

TS_2024_24            002-0410-000           PACHECO GILBERT L ESTATE

TS_2024_25            002-0415-000           KELLY JAMIE

TS_2024_26            002-0455-000           BARBOZA ANN E

TS_2024_28            002-0527-000           WASHINGTON PARK SERVICES LLC

TS_2024_28            002-0530-000           WASHINGTON PARK SERVICES LLC

TS_2024_29            002-0632-000           TINEO HECTOR M JR

TS_2024_30            002-0656-000           HARVEY STEFANI LEE

TS_2024_32            002-0719-000           KQA 3217 LLC

TS_2024_34            002-0923-000           FOSTER ARIANA D

TS_2024_39            002-1345-000           AMA LLC

TS_2024_41            002-1460-000           JIMENEZ PATRIA

TS_2024_42            002-1467-000           VALLEY NATASHA

TS_2024_45            002-1584-000           DOBRZANSKI ANDRZEJ

TS_2024_46            002-1592-000           PEREYRA YIRY M

TS_2024_47            002-1685-000           LAPIERRE STEPHEN W

TS_2024_47            002-2158-000           LAPIERRE STEPHEN W

TS_2024_49            002-1790-001           HAMAMJIAN GEORGE

TS_2024_51            002-1892-003           SIMMONS SHALAYLA J

TS_2024_52            002-1903-000           PACHECO GILBERT L ESTATE

TS_2024_53            002-1990-000           EA GROUP LLC

TS_2024_56            002-2078-000           LEON AMANDA L

TS_2024_57            002-2080-000           KAINE THOMAS A

TS_2024_58            002-2118-000           SCALERA NICHOLAS J

TS_2024_59            002-2130-000           CRANSTON SERVICES LLC

TS_2024_61            002-2180-000           ROTONDO RONALD 1/2

TS_2024_62            002-2190-000           OKOLOWICZ STEPHEN M

TS_2024_65            002-2336-000           PACHECO GILBERT L JR

TS_2024_66            002-2401-000           TROMBLY SCOTT

TS_2024_67            002-2477-001           ROSCITI ANTHONY

TS_2024_70            002-2598-000           GOLDEN GATE INVESTMENTS LLC

TS_2024_70            002-2599-000           GOLDEN GATE INVESTMENTS LLC

TS_2024_70            002-2600-000           GOLDEN GATE INVESTMENTS LLC

TS_2024_78            002-2870-000           TORIBIO BRYAN

TS_2024_79            002-2878-000           KAO TONY C

TS_2024_82            002-3040-000           JOYCE KERRY

TS_2024_92            002-3309-000           JORGE JORGE

TS_2024_93            002-3407-000           MCGINNIS SARAH

TS_2024_96            002-3592-000           KQA 3217 LLC

TS_2024_101          002-3890-000           ROMAN KAREN

TS_2024_102          002-3923-000           LAVALLEE JOHN C

TS_2024_103          002-3957-000           COLUMBIA REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS LLC

TS_2024_106          003-0156-000           JCORREY ENTERPRISES LLC

TS_2024_106          003-0157-000           JCORREY ENTERPRISES LLC

TS_2024_108          003-0326-000           CRINS BARRY

TS_2024_112          003-0404-000           ELMWOOD REALTY LLC

TS_2024_113          003-0408-000           MCCORMICK SANDRA

TS_2024_114          003-0437-000           MANCO SANDRA M

TS_2024_115          003-0450-000           HERNANDEZ CELIA

TS_2024_118          003-0991-000           MW INVESTMENT AND CONTRACTOR LLC

TS_2024_121          003-1343-000           POZO JOSE

TS_2024_124          003-1427-000           MONTALBAN JOSE

TS_2024_128          003-1582-000           MATOS FERNANDO ANTONIO

TS_2024_133          003-1658-000           FAUNTLEROY MELISSA

TS_2024_134          003-1717-000           BEAUSOLEIL REALTY LLC

TS_2024_135          004-0037-000           SHEA RYAN

TS_2024_137          004-0126-000           BLANCO JAMES R

TS_2024_144          004-0371-000           MORALES BRYAN A

TS_2024_144          004-0373-000           MORALES BRYAN A

TS_2024_148          004-0826-000           LEWIS STAFFORD JR

TS_2024_149          004-0884-000           A & K LLC

TS_2024_157          004-1101-000           SPRING STREET REALTY LLC

TS_2024_159          004-1223-000           MIUDO DILIA LIFE ESTATE

TS_2024_164          004-1413-000           DELSIGNORE DOMENICO C

TS_2024_171          004-2103-000           BOCIEK JOSEPH J JR

TS_2024_172          004-2105-000           LONGO YVONNE

TS_2024_173          004-2171-000           CRUM PAMELA

TS_2024_174          004-2235-000           GRIMSHAW JOHN J

TS_2024_180          004-2480-000           SAINZ MARCIA

TS_2024_182          004-2627-000           LUTGARDA & MARIA LLC

TS_2024_184          004-2702-000           WETZEL THOMAS J Jr.

TS_2024_188          005-0129-000           SOUTER JEFFREY A

TS_2024_189          005-0152-000           CATONI FRANK D

TS_2024_190          005-0176-000           CHABOT CORY

TS_2024_193          005-0241-000           KARNIK RAHOOL S

TS_2024_194          005-0261-000           ALEXANDER LESLIE

TS_2024_195          005-0264-000           RICHARDSON DERRICK L

TS_2024_198          005-0280-000           KHOO YEN

TS_2024_200          005-0284-000           GOMEZ CLAUDINA PEREZ

TS_2024_201          005-0356-000           SANTOS CARLOS J

TS_2024_204          005-0492-000           MOWRY ALEXANDER

TS_2024_206          005-0605-000           THOEUN SOKKHA

TS_2024_208          005-0783-000           GREENE JENNIFER A

TS_2024_210          005-0832-000           GAUTIER STEVEN A

TS_2024_211          005-0868-000           PETRILLO JOHN E JR TRUSTEE

TS_2024_215          005-1006-000           S K & E LLC

TS_2024_220          005-1639-000           MCDANIEL ALEKSANDRA

TS_2024_221          005-1761-000           REIS MANUEL

TS_2024_221          005-1762-000           REIS MANUEL

TS_2024_221          005-1769-000           REIS MANUEL

TS_2024_221          005-1770-000           REIS MANUEL

TS_2024_225          005-1839-000           MANSOLILLO LOURDES I

TS_2024_226          005-1849-000           CORTES CYNTHIA

TS_2024_230          005-2147-000           YON SAVOEUTH

TS_2024_232          005-2289-000           PAZ JOSE

TS_2024_234          005-2466-000           GRUERRERO EMMANUEL

TS_2024_236          005-2597-000           PAMPHILE AMOCE

TS_2024_237          006-0011-000           JAMES-RENNICK ELIZABETH ANN

TS_2024_238          006-0029-000           FLOR ANA I

TS_2024_240          006-0061-000           CHAO JASON

TS_2024_241          006-0075-000           ALEXANDER AI T

TS_2024_244          006-0348-000           PIRES LEONILDA

TS_2024_247          006-0500-000           OLSON ANDREW

TS_2024_248          006-0501-000           BENOIT DAVID

TS_2024_249          006-0530-000           OROZCO NELSON

TS_2024_251          006-0610-000           LE MINH

TS_2024_252          006-0639-000           CIANCI TONYA M

TS_2024_253          006-0649-000           THAYER KATHLEEN HOPE

TS_2024_255          006-0824-000           REYES LIMBANIA

TS_2024_258          006-1141-000           PINA MARGARET

TS_2024_259          006-1489-000           PEDRO MARIA ROSE

TS_2024_261          006-1608-000           120 PRESTON DRIVE REALTY LLC

TS_2024_262          006-1721-000           DURANDIS ILIO

TS_2024_263          006-1962-000           BILODEAU NICHOLAS M

TS_2024_266          006-2066-000           SHEPARD MICHAEL J SR

TS_2024_267          006-2081-000           RICE MARY F

TS_2024_270          006-2349-000           BKS REALTY INC

TS_2024_273          006-2578-000           DUPHINEY BRIAN J

TS_2024_274          006-2637-000           GRAFTON ROBERT D

TS_2024_275          006-2785-000           FLYNN WILLIAM F III

TS_2024_276          006-2830-000           POLANCO ROSAURA

TS_2024_278          006-2993-000           RODRIGUEZ KATHERINE

TS_2024_279          006-3011-000           FERNANDES MARY C

TS_2024_281          006-3076-000           HIGGINBOTHAM KENNETH E

TS_2024_283          006-3176-000           PEREZ LOURDES

TS_2024_285          006-3260-000           CROCE FRANK R JR

TS_2024_288          007-0091-001           ACHIEVEMENT FIRST RHODE ISLAND INC

TS_2024_291          007-0136-000           LINCOLN AVE ESTATES LLC

TS_2024_292          007-0138-000           LINCOLN AVE ESTATES LLC

TS_2024_295          007-0324-000           MAZZA REAL ESTATE LLC

TS_2024_297          007-0340-000           GRANILLO EFRAIN

TS_2024_299          007-0384-000           LEAVENS DOUGLAS M

TS_2024_300          007-0412-000           DASILVA PAULO R

TS_2024_300          007-3458-000           DASILVA PAULO R

TS_2024_301          007-0422-000           HULL MATTHEW C

TS_2024_304          007-0519-000           SMITH PAMELA

TS_2024_305          007-0526-000           SCHULENBERGER RONNIE

TS_2024_307          007-0551-000           BROWN BRENDA

TS_2024_308          007-0572-000           MUNOZ KACI ANNE M 60%

TS_2024_309          007-0589-000           TAPIA JAWERLING A

TS_2024_310          007-0593-000           GOLD STAR BARBERSHOP LLC

TS_2024_312          007-0603-000           GURAVSKAS WALTER

TS_2024_313          007-0616-000           SPRING STREET REALTY LLC

TS_2024_314          007-0671-000           BATISTA FRANCISCO J

TS_2024_315          007-0681-000           VENNELL JENNIFER

TS_2024_319          007-0728-000           DIXON CHARLES H

TS_2024_320          007-0747-000           CIANCI DAVID R

TS_2024_322          007-0758-000           SECRETARY OF HOUSING & URBAN DEVELOPEMEN

TS_2024_322          007-0759-000           SECRETARY OF HOUSING & URBAN DEVELOPEMEN

TS_2024_323          007-0887-000           BRAXTON ORLANDO D

TS_2024_324          007-0893-000           NTWALI GONZALVES

TS_2024_329          007-1238-000           CEDANO MAIGULINA

TS_2024_330          007-1241-000           MANOUGIAN MARK C

TS_2024_337          007-1339-000           TORRES ESTEFANE

TS_2024_345          007-1437-000           BIAGETTI RICHARD A

TS_2024_347          007-1470-000           MACISAAC PETER

TS_2024_354          007-1587-000           BURKE MARSHA A

TS_2024_372          007-1801-000           JONES MICHAEL A SR

TS_2024_374          007-1943-000           MEDEIROS ALEXANDRA

TS_2024_382          007-2372-000           MARTINEZ AMAURIS S POLANCO

TS_2024_383          007-2404-000           BURROWS STEPHEN JR

TS_2024_384          007-2476-000           ZABALA ALFREDO P

TS_2024_388          007-2689-000           OHEARN PATRICIA

TS_2024_388          007-2690-000           OHEARN PATRICIA

TS_2024_396          007-2772-000           RUSSO ST LLC

TS_2024_396          007-2773-000           RUSSO ST LLC

TS_2024_396          007-2774-000           RUSSO ST LLC

TS_2024_396          007-2775-000           RUSSO ST LLC

TS_2024_400          007-2872-000           MORALES CARLOS H

TS_2024_402          007-2964-000           DIAZ JENDRUIR A ALVAREZ

TS_2024_407          007-3144-000           PRESTIGE CARE TRANSPORTATION LLC

TS_2024_408          007-3158-000           TIPTON JEFFRY

TS_2024_409          007-3291-000           DIXON PHILLIP G

TS_2024_414          007-3509-000           PROFESSIONAL DELIVERY SERVICES INC

TS_2024_417          007-3544-000           AUCAPINA FLAVIO R

TS_2024_418          007-3557-000           HESFORD ROBERT

TS_2024_420          007-3661-000           WILLIAMS DAVID C

TS_2024_421          007-3664-000           COSTA DAVID

TS_2024_431          007-0594-000           LIVE LIVING INVESTMENT LLC

TS_2024_431          007-3792-000           LIVE LIVING INVESTMENT LLC

TS_2024_431          008-0003-000           LIVE LIVING INVESTMENT LLC

TS_2024_432          008-0004-000           DELGADILLO LLC

TS_2024_432          008-0005-000           DELGADILLO LLC

TS_2024_434          008-0031-000           DESOUSA DEBORAH J

TS_2024_434          008-0032-000           DESOUSA DEBORAH J

TS_2024_436          008-0037-000           POLANCO ROSAURA

TS_2024_437          008-0070-000           ARTHUR C BROWN REVOCABLE TRUST

TS_2024_438          008-0096-000           WILKIN JESSICA

TS_2024_439          008-0123-000           BOUFFARD JUSTINE MARIE

TS_2024_443          008-0323-000           DESANTIS RONALD V TRUSTEE

TS_2024_447          008-0491-000           PIMENTEL NICOLE

TS_2024_456          008-0759-000           PAINE JESSICA M

TS_2024_456          008-0760-000           PAINE JESSICA M

TS_2024_458          008-0778-000           GIGLIODORO ROBERT J

TS_2024_459          008-0809-000           EA GROUP LLC

TS_2024_461          008-0945-000           FANA EVELYN

TS_2024_463          008-0967-000           ZACARIAS-ESTEBAN MARVIN G

TS_2024_470          008-1361-000           REYNOSO DARWIN ALCIBIADES

TS_2024_470          008-1362-000           REYNOSO DARWIN ALCIBIADES

TS_2024_470          008-1363-000           REYNOSO DARWIN ALCIBIADES

TS_2024_475          008-1456-000           AL USRA LLC

TS_2024_477          008-1534-000           MERCADO DALIA P

TS_2024_477          008-2802-000           MERCADO DALIA P

TS_2024_478          008-1545-000           AREVALO PAULINO

TS_2024_483          008-1666-000           CARRINGTON MORTGAGE SERVICES LLC

TS_2024_483          008-1667-000           CARRINGTON MORTGAGE SERVICES LLC

TS_2024_483          008-1668-000           CARRINGTON MORTGAGE SERVICES LLC

TS_2024_486          008-1715-000           COLLAZO JAVIER J

TS_2024_487          008-1771-000           POTTER ROAD TRUST

TS_2024_487          008-1782-000           POTTER ROAD TRUST

TS_2024_488          008-1772-000           ATAMAIN JANINE M TRUSTEE

TS_2024_488          008-1783-000           ATAMAIN JANINE M TRUSTEE

TS_2024_488          008-1784-000           ATAMAIN JANINE M TRUSTEE

TS_2024_492          008-1786-000           CARLINO JOSEPH WILLIAM

TS_2024_498          008-2350-000           LAURENCEAU ELDAD

TS_2024_499          008-2514-000           ANAHORY ARMANDO

TS_2024_505          009-0032-000           MERNICK KENNETH R

TS_2024_506          009-0068-002           GILMORE JUDITH M TRUSTEE

TS_2024_507          009-0080-000           EA GROUP LLC

TS_2024_508          009-0145-008           TWENTY ELEVEN LLC

TS_2024_510          009-0156-012           RIHOC LLC

TS_2024_515          009-0363-000           MERNICK KENNETH R

TS_2024_517          009-0445-000           DUBE KIMBERLY A

TS_2024_528          009-1106-000           LAMP JASON MICHAEL

TS_2024_531          009-1204-000           FERREIRA MARC

TS_2024_531          009-1205-000           FERREIRA MARC

TS_2024_531          009-2970-000           FERREIRA MARC

TS_2024_536          009-1302-000           DECOSTA CRAIG

TS_2024_538          009-1393-000           PALEY SEAN

TS_2024_539          009-1429-000           MADRIAGA OSBERT P

TS_2024_542          009-1636-000           PALOMBO MARK S

TS_2024_544          009-1728-000           JNR PROPERTIES LLC

TS_2024_546          009-1814-000           SALZILLO REALTY LLC

TS_2024_546          009-1815-000           SALZILLO REALTY LLC

TS_2024_548          009-1818-000           YUN MAO S

TS_2024_549          009-1819-000           SENA NELSON

TS_2024_550          009-1886-000           FRATANTUONO JOSEPH M

TS_2024_551          009-2125-000           CLARK ROBERT

TS_2024_553          009-2393-000           HAMZAGIL ARTIE E

TS_2024_553          009-2394-000           HAMZAGIL ARTIE E

TS_2024_556          009-2574-000           MCCONAGHY LISA M

TS_2024_557          009-2594-000           WARD ANNE L

TS_2024_558          009-2621-000           CASTILLO YAMEL

TS_2024_559          009-2652-000           IACONO DEBORAH A ESTATE

TS_2024_560          009-2653-000           BLUEWATER INVESTMENTS LLC

TS_2024_568          009-3022-000           CONTRERAS OMAR A

TS_2024_569          009-3064-000           EA GROUP LLC

TS_2024_572          009-3261-000           GEMMA LISA M

TS_2024_573          009-3344-000           DEMPSEY CONCETTA A ESTATE

TS_2024_577          009-3446-000           LYNCH CHRISTOPHER J

TS_2024_590          011-0018-000           JARVIS SUZANNE C

TS_2024_593          011-0235-000           COUPE CHRISTIAN S

TS_2024_594          011-0304-000           CHHOEUN VANNAY

TS_2024_596          011-0485-000           LARSON MICHAEL J

TS_2024_596          011-0486-000           LARSON MICHAEL J

TS_2024_597          011-0649-000           STEWART MATTHEW EDWIN

TS_2024_598          011-0865-000           ROULEAU CLAUDIA M TRUSTEE

TS_2024_607          011-1158-000           PERNORIO JOHN JAMES

TS_2024_608          011-1253-000           INTEGLIA TYLER

TS_2024_610          011-1760-000           PARK AVENUE REALTY INC

TS_2024_611          011-1764-000           PARK AVENUE REALTY INC

TS_2024_612          011-1768-000           PARK AVENUE REALTY INC

TS_2024_613          011-1771-000           PARK AVENUE REALTY INC

TS_2024_616          011-1778-000           BROCCOLI DAVIDE C

TS_2024_616          011-1779-000           BROCCOLI DAVIDE C

TS_2024_616          011-1780-000           BROCCOLI DAVIDE C

TS_2024_620          011-1850-000           VOCCIO GLEN TRUSTEE

TS_2024_620          011-1851-000           VOCCIO GLEN TRUSTEE

TS_2024_622          011-1978-000           CIMA VITTORIO

TS_2024_622          011-2508-000           CIMA VITTORIO

TS_2024_627          011-2182-000           HIRALDO ARELYS G

TS_2024_629          011-2384-000           TAMMELLEO A DAVID ESTATE

TS_2024_633          011-3108-000           BRADY KEVIN T

TS_2024_634          011-3281-000           KANE VINCENT F

TS_2024_635          011-3321-000           ANDREOZZI MICHAEL E

TS_2024_636          011-3369-000           PAPA MARY ANN

TS_2024_636          011-3655-000           PAPA MARY ANN

TS_2024_639          011-3574-000           SANTAMARIA RICHARD D JR

TS_2024_642          011-3674-000           WILLIAMSON ALBERT F III

TS_2024_644          012-0059-000           BORINO KRISTOPHER

TS_2024_646          012-0143-000           BARONE STEVEN F

TS_2024_647          012-0226-000           PHENIX AVE LLC

TS_2024_651          012-0341-000           SANDOVAL NATIVIDAD

TS_2024_652          012-0382-000           MARTINEZ KIMBERLY W

TS_2024_653          012-0393-000           LAMBERT CHARLES K

TS_2024_655          012-0412-000           PROVIDENCE REAL ESTATE COMPANY INC

TS_2024_656          012-0414-000           PARK AVENUE REALTY INC

TS_2024_659          012-0629-000           ROSA MICHELLE

TS_2024_660          012-0630-000           BROCCOLI DAVIDE C

TS_2024_660          012-0637-000           BROCCOLI DAVIDE C

TS_2024_662          012-0759-000           LPI PROPERTIES LLC

TS_2024_663          012-0762-000           TORTOLANI JOHN S JR

TS_2024_671          012-0930-000           PRUDENTE WILLIAM J

TS_2024_671          012-0931-000           PRUDENTE WILLIAM J

TS_2024_674          012-1098-000           BRAVO RAFAELINA

TS_2024_679          012-1246-000           BEATTY KENNETH M

TS_2024_680          012-1392-000           BOUCHER GERALDINE M

TS_2024_685          012-1706-000           PARK AVENUE REALTY INC

TS_2024_686          012-1832-000           CROUSE JESSE T

TS_2024_687          012-2187-000           JUDGE AARON

TS_2024_693          012-2578-000           MERCEDES DILENIA A CRUZ

TS_2024_694          012-2889-000           TAFURI ROXANNE

TS_2024_696          012-2920-000           GAUVIN RONALD J

TS_2024_697          012-2986-000           PELLEGRINO FEDERICO

TS_2024_699          012-3043-000           GOUGH CHRISTOPHER T

TS_2024_701          012-3109-000           NPM REALTY LLC

TS_2024_703          012-3130-000           GRAZIANO BROCCOLI TRUST 1/2

TS_2024_708          015-0090-000           E M M CONSTRUCTION LLC

TS_2024_709          015-0151-000           MOTANARO MADELINE M TRUSTEE

TS_2024_712          015-0682-000           ALCANTARA JONATHAN

TS_2024_713          015-0693-000           GARVEY KELLIANN

TS_2024_713          015-0694-000           GARVEY KELLIANN

TS_2024_715          015-0831-000           FERRANTE ROBIN R

TS_2024_718          015-1128-000           GARMON JAMES

TS_2024_720          015-1301-000           KENNEY MARYLOUISE

TS_2024_721          015-1323-000           MACDONALD RONALD C

TS_2024_723          015-1338-000           FIORE LORRAINE F

TS_2024_724          015-1380-000           ST JOHN KEITH ALLEN

TS_2024_725          015-1388-000           BURGESS BIANCA A

TS_2024_728          015-1602-000           CAMARA JENNIFER

TS_2024_729          015-1630-000           SPRAGUE TARA L

TS_2024_732          016-0605-000           DIORIO MICHAEL J

TS_2024_734          016-1088-004           PETROCELLI ARIANNA

TS_2024_735          016-1258-000           SACHEM DR LLC

TS_2024_738          016-1266-018           RIHANI DAVID

TS_2024_740          017-0143-000           PAUL MAHENDAR TRUSTEE 1/2

TS_2024_758          017-0551-000           COLIN VERONICA ZAMUDIO

TS_2024_758          017-0552-000           COLIN VERONICA ZAMUDIO

TS_2024_758          017-0689-000           COLIN VERONICA ZAMUDIO

TS_2024_760          017-0691-000           GRAZIANO BROCCOLI TRUST 1//2

TS_2024_761          017-0701-000           GRECO EFRAIN

TS_2024_765          017-0767-000           NEWBY LISA D

TS_2024_769          017-0877-000           RIBEIRO JOSE A

TS_2024_784          017-1194-000           COUTU ROLAND A JR

TS_2024_789          017-1653-000           BROCCOLI DAVIDE C

TS_2024_792          017-2004-000           A&K LLC

TS_2024_792          017-2005-000           A&K LLC

TS_2024_795          018-0575-000           HIRST MICHELLE A

TS_2024_800          018-1304-000           REDDY KARA M

TS_2024_804          018-1697-000           PROVORSE DOROTHY A

TS_2024_805          018-1735-000           CORRENTE ALBERT

TS_2024_806          018-1842-000           ALBRIGHT JUDITH M

TS_2024_807          018-2056-000           THEUL POST

TS_2024_812          021-0215-000           DAMICO ROBERT A II TRUSTEE

TS_2024_816          025-0002-000           LOURENCO EMANUEL

TS_2024_816          028-0023-000           LOURENCO EMANUEL

TS_2024_822          028-0005-000           LOFFREDO MICHAEL A

TS_2024_827          028-0066-888           JOSEPH A & ROSALIE A ACCETTA

TS_2024_829          028-0245-000           MOSES LAWRENCE D

TS_2024_830          029-0002-000           MOSES LAWRENCE D

TS_2024_831          029-0022-000           DIZOGLIO EVAN

TS_2024_832          029-0033-000           TITUS GREGORY

TS_2024_834          029-0099-000           MOSES LAWRENCE D

TS_2024_838          030-0226-000           849 LATEN KNIGHT LLC

TS_2024_839          031-0005-000           DIMUCCIO ANTONIO

TS_2024_845          034-0012-000           DEFAZIO ALFRED

TS_2024_846          034-0014-000           DIFAZIO ALFRED

TS_2024_848          035-0013-000           DELFINO DAVID

TS_2024_849          035-0189-000           MUOIO CHERYL A P

TS_2024_851          035-0239-000           RIGGS KIMBERLY

TS_2024_852          035-0396-000           MENDEZ PATRICIA L NORIEGA

TS_2024_853          036-0061-012           DIMIZIO EDWARD A

TS_2024_854          036-0061-013           DIMIZIO EDWARD A

TS_2024_856          036-0900-003           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_857          036-0900-005           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_858          036-0900-007           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_859          036-0900-009           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_860          036-0900-011           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_861          036-0900-013           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_862          036-0900-015           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_863          036-1100-001           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_864          036-1100-003           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_865          036-1100-005           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_866          036-1100-007           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_867          036-1100-009           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_868          036-1100-011           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_869          036-1100-013           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_870          036-1100-015           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_871          036-1100-017           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_872          036-1100-019           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_873          036-1100-021           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_874          036-1100-023           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_875          036-1300-001           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_876          036-1300-003           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_877          036-1300-005           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_878          036-1300-007           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_879          036-1300-009           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_880          036-1300-011           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_881          036-1300-013           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_882          036-1300-015           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_883          036-1300-017           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_884          036-1300-019           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_885          036-1300-021           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_886          036-1300-023           PATRIOT BUILDERS INC

TS_2024_894          037-0372-000           PALASKI JOSEPH ESTATE

TS_2024_895          037-0395-000           DORSEY ARLENE M ESTATE

TS_2024_896          037-0404-000           PERRETTA SHERYL L

TS_2024_897          037-0442-000           KASKIEWICZ ANTHONY PETER

TS_2024_898          037-0566-000           DERRICO DOMENIC JOSEPH


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