Cranston author pens provocative self-help book titled ‘A SELFish B’

By Meri R. Kennedy
Posted 3/13/18

“You Can Be a SELFish ‘B’ is the title of the book written by Cranston resident, Gina Clapprood who held a book signing at Beauty Lounge at Magnolia on Park Avenue on Feb. 17.

“I wanted to …

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Cranston author pens provocative self-help book titled ‘A SELFish B’


“You Can Be a SELFish ‘B’ is the title of the book written by Cranston resident, Gina Clapprood who held a book signing at Beauty Lounge at Magnolia on Park Avenue on Feb. 17.

“I wanted to have a title that would be a little rebellious and provoke a certain assumption,” said Clapprood.

“When most see the title, they assume that I have lost my mind and wrote a book on how to be a selfish b*tch. That is not what this book is about. It is about self-love. SELFish love. Love for oneself without the guilt. The premise is that when we are happy with who we are and truly love ourselves, do what we want without over compromising our own happiness – we become happier and ultimately become better in all aspects of our life and for those in our lives.”

A lifestyle coach and advisor for more than 20 years, Clapprood provides support and insight to help you achieve your goals, make real changes, and be your ultimate self. Always a thoughtful listener, she has been recognized as highly intuitive from an early age and over the years has learned to channel this skill to give back to others. Experienced in working with all ages, stages of life and levels of success, she helps people through the challenges of life in concrete ways.

“Live the life you want-unapologetically. Focus on what inspires you. Gives you joy. Motivates you to wake up each morning and kick some ass! This is a book about the mindset you need to have for self-love,” said Clapprood.

Her book touches upon the different B’s people identify with from Bachelorette to Boss to Badass and more.

“We all have ideals in our heads of what we want and need for each of these ‘B’s. Self-love isn’t always so easy. This book will teach and give you the tools you need to love yourself, let things go and set yourself free! We are all a work in progress. It’s time to take a breath and get ready to put yourself first and learn how to take the first steps in becoming a selfish “B,” said Clapprood

She further stated that “We all face periods of transition in our lives. Whether it comes with age, a loss, a win, etc. Whatever the reason, we often think about putting our needs first, but don’t or don’t follow through long enough because we feel we are being too selfish and that leads to guilt. This comprehensive, thought-provoking book will equip you with the tools necessary to move forward your journey authentically and without apology. From the inside out, and the outside in.”

Through her work with others, Clapprood found commonalities with her clients, family and friends regarding the guilt they would feel when they thought about putting themselves first. Whether they were single, married, moms, bosses, etc., she found that she would give similar advice in each situation- and the idea for the book was born.

Clapprood is a twice-certified life coach and is certified in Holistic Nutrition. She holds a BA in Psychology and has extensive leadership and management experience. Married to her high school sweetheart and the mother of three boys, she grew up in Cranston through 3rd grade school age, and is now back living in Cranston, where she also works full time as the Operations Manager for Arbor Associates as well as her life coaching practice where she works with clients locally and all over the world.

“My mom would take me to story time at the Oaklawn Library every Saturday morning, I was always inspired by the stories as a young girl and I think that is where the idea and goal that someday I would write a book was born,” said Clapprood.

This last year was also a transitional year for Clapprood as she entered her forties. She felt that it was time to listen to her own advice about putting yourself first and take action. Once she turned 40, she felt that it was time to take the bull by the horns and accomplish her goal to write a book someday.

“If I was going to talk the talk, I had to be an example and walk the walk,” she said. “Over the last year I have put my advice into practice and while not always easy, I have never been more confident in the different personas in my life-my marriage, career, my beliefs.”

Clapprood first started running workshops on how to be Selfish and take care of yourself without the guilt. These workshops would always lead to the participants bonding with each other and they would also get emotional when they discussed letting go of any emotional baggage that they have been carrying and finally set themselves free.

“One night in early November, I just sat down and started writing. I didn’t tell a single soul. Not my husband, mom or anyone. I wanted to write for me and not have the judgment and opinion of others cloud my vision or stop my momentum,” said Clapprood.

“My hope is that when you read this book, you can hear my voice emanating through each page and that you feel connected to the material and become better equipped in understanding how loving yourself and putting yourself first is not selfish, but selfless,” said Clapprood.

Her book is available on Amazon and as soon as her book was approved, she became more confident and inspired to write a second book that is a continuation of the first (it will be released in early April 2018).

Clapprood will hold another book signing for “You Can Be a SELFish ‘B’” on March 24 at Barrington Books Retold from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.


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