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When Shannon Cornicelli dreams big, she dreams BIG, in fact, she dreams Olympic-size BIG! Shannon Cornicelli is the longtime owner of Dream Big Academy, Gymnastics and Ninja in Cranston.  It is here where she has taken her big dreams and made them a reality since the gym first opened in 2008.  Today, those dreams include her excitement for the world events that occur every four years (and in this rare occasion, every five) ~ the Olympics!

The summer of 2021 sees these highly-anticipated games finally beginning on THIS WEEK in  Tokyo, Japan.  Everywhere around the world, talented gymnasts are preparing for the competition of their lifetimes where they hope their own big dreams will be fulfilled.  Who knows, there might be a future Olympian training under the tutelage of Cornicelli right now!  For Cornicelli, that would be another huge dream in and of itself.

As a lifetime gymnast, Cornicelli knows that a well-equipped gym with trained, experienced, and inspiring coaches is the key to success when it comes to living out Olympic-sized dreams.  For those who love gymnastics and Ninja-style workouts/training, Dream Big Academy is exactly this kind of gym.  This is Dream Big’s mission: “to provide children with a positive and fun-filled atmosphere that enables them to create their own goals and then empowers them to go after their dreams. Thus building powerful, determined and confident qualities that will be embedded in their character.”

While it has always been a place of fun and skill-building, Dream Big is also a place of friendly competition where true potential is realized and nurtured.  Cornicelli has poured her whole heart into making her gym a place for gymnasts and athletes of all ages to come and work their hardest while sharing the same love of the sport as she has.

This year, Cornicelli has taken Dream Big Gymnastics to a whole new level to ride the exciting wave of the “Olympic boom.” This is what is happening now:

 A new gym renovation is underway which will add an upstairs viewing area, a remodeled lobby and birthday party area and a dedicated recreational gymnastics area. This additional gym space will allow for more classes to be held within the 10,000 sq. ft space at one time. Competitive teams will now have their own dedicated areas so that they can train using more equipment. And there is still more to come (including a foam-block-filled pit for even higher level training)!

While all these renovations are progressing, sign your child up today for one of the many summer camps being held right now at Dream Big. What a fun place to spend these steamy summer days ~ practicing your gymnastics skills, participating in their Ninja Obstacle Course, playing games and doing arts & crafts, AND taking out all your energy on their Waterslide and Bounce House! 

For more details and to register, check out their website at www.dreambiggym.com or call 401-228-8946. Dream Big Gym is located at 41 Comstock Park Way in Cranston.


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