Explosion of vaccine related injuries

Posted 4/25/17

To the Editor,

There appears to be a war being waged across the U.S. regarding mandatory vaccination targeted at our youngest and most vulnerable and also our healthcare and childcare workers. Now …

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Explosion of vaccine related injuries


To the Editor,

There appears to be a war being waged across the U.S. regarding mandatory vaccination targeted at our youngest and most vulnerable and also our healthcare and childcare workers. Now there is narrative starting to be put forward that unvaccinated adults are costing the economy billions of dollars a year. This is all based on the premise, one that is repeated as a mantra by those in the medical community, that vaccines are safe and effective and that the science is settled. But what if that premise is false?

I never really questioned vaccine safety and I thought I understood the reasoning of why vaccines worked. I had been in a pre-med curriculum in my undergraduate study and my children were vaccinated in the 1980s when they were young. I was a practicing R.N. for many years and I received a number of vaccines during that time and I administered many. I was injured by the Hep B vaccine series in 1992-93, but no one was very interested in reporting or tracking that injury. I began studying vaccination in 2009 when I was out on a disability leave of absence.

There is an explosion of vaccine related injuries occurring across our country. There is something very, very wrong happening to our children; many are suffering from allergies, neurological and immune-system damage. In 1986 the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed where The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Board was formed by Congress at the bequest of the vaccine manufacturers because they were being inundated with lawsuits from parents of children that had been injured by vaccines and this was seriously effecting their profit margins. This legislation made the pharmaceutical companies and the administrators of the vaccines not liable for injuries. The onus was put on the parents of an injured children to present their case to this "Vaccine Court." Many cases are not heard. The process can take years and many of these plaintiffs are not compensated. The taxpayer is the one that bears the financial burden of compensation for these injuries and not the pharmaceutical companies. One might ask, if there is no liability to the manufacturer or deliverer, what incentive is there to make safe vaccines backed by long trials with true control groups and preferably ones that are a double blind study? 3.6 billion dollars has been awarded due to vaccine injury since the conception of this compensation program. Dr. Alvin Moss just told us on March 18th before West Virginia's Senate Education Committee hearing that in 2016, $250 million was awarded to 800 individuals which breaks down to around $300,000 per individual.

In Rhode Island, children are required in order to attend pre-kindergarten, child care or day care centers some 19-22 vaccines. There are four more added to attend kindergarten. 7th graders have to have received all the aforementioned, another two and now the HPV vaccine has been added to the schedule. The R.I. Department of Health has mandated the series of HPV vaccines despite the fact that the virus is not communicable in a classroom setting; this law became effective in July of 2015. There is a religious exemption in place but many parents are not aware of this and pediatricians and the schools are not forthcoming in disclosing this. There really is little informed consent.

The HPV vaccine, particularly Merck's Gardasil, which was FDA approved in 2006, has proved to be very problematic here at home and worldwide. It has had a long history of controversy due to adverse side effects, some fatalities and governmental policy makers covering up and/or ignoring the facts. As of January, 2014 some 52 countries had included the HPV vaccine in their national vaccination programs and since then over half have dropped out due to an array of debilitating medical conditions that has arisen since it's introduction. In the US there have been 59,092 adverse reactions reported since Gardasil and Cervarix, the HPV vaccine that was formulated by GlaxcoSmithKline and approved by the FDA in 2009, have been introduced. Of these adverse events, there have been 1,727 reports of disability, 6,388 listed as serious events, 9,177 events where the individual has not recovered, and 315 deaths reported by February, 2017 via the FDA's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data. It is also estimated by many doctors and researchers that less than 10% of vaccine injuries are ever reported to the VAERS. Reported in sanevax.org the VAERS reports of Acute Disseminated Encephalomyletis (ADEM) have increased over 1000% since the introduction of HPV vaccines, infertility rates increased 790%, reports of blindness increased 188%, and spontaneous abortions by 270%. Other reactions include seizures, strokes, heart problems, paralysis, speech problems, pancreatitis, sensory disorder, short term memory loss and debilitating pain. Dr. Bernard Dalbergue,a former Merck Employee, predicts that Gardasil will become the greatest medical scandal of all time and it will be shown to have wreaked havoc, "destroyed lives and even killed and only to have served no other purpose than to generate profit for the manufacturers."

There are 100 types of human papillomavirus. Of these, 15 high-risk types are known to cause virtually all forms of cervical cancer. Two of these types(16 and 18) are believed to cause 70% of these cases and 30% of cervical cancers are caused by other strains. The Gardasil vaccine was formulated to provide protection to these two aforementioned high risk strains and two low risk strains(6 and 11). It was found that women were more susceptible to other strains of the HPV virus after receiving the Gardasil series. Hhmm...maybe as Dr. Suzanne Humphries who is an internist, nephrologist, researcher and renowned author says, "nature hates a vacuum," so Merck formulated Gardasil 9 which was approved in December 2014. It supposedly provides protection against 7 types of the high risk strains, now. This FDA approval was granted without consultation with the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) which is responsible for studying and evaluating data concerning the safety, efficacy, and appropriate use of vaccines. The FDA bypassed this committee's safety assessment because it found "no concerns or controversial issues" to the introduction of this new formulation. If one looks at the 21 page vaccine insert in the Gardasil 9 package, it can be noted that Merck more than doubled the aluminum adjuvant to their formulation. Aluminum is a proven neurotoxin. There have been 5 more antigens added. These are big differences. Why was it given a carte blanche by the FDA? We also see on the insert that the rate of adverse events to the Gardasil 9 was 2.3% of those in the trial--information that was collated during a 48 month follow up. The cervical cancer diagnosis rate in the U.S. is 7.9/100,000. You don't have to be that astute to realize that a 2.3% rate of adverse events from Merck's trial (death, disability, hospitalization, a congenital abnormality, a life threatening event) equates to 2,300/100,000. Also the insert shows us that in Merck's trial, the subset of women who received an injection of the Gardasil 9 within 30 days of becoming pregnant, miscarried or had a stillborn at a rate of 27.4%. The CDC statistics that were reported in 2006 regarding infant mortality, list miscarriages and fetal deaths here in the U.S. as .0605%. How is this vaccine considered safe? That is an alarming disparity! If doctors and patients and health departments were aware of these statistics would this vaccine be a recommended course of action for protection against these strains of HPV? Keep in mind, Dr. Diane Harper who was the lead researcher in Merck's clinical trials for their Gardasil and GSK's Cervarix, tells us that 95% of all HPVs are cleared spontaneously by the body's immune system and of the 5% that progress there is ample time to protect and treat pre-cancers and early stage cancers with regular gynecological check ups. The HPV vaccine prevents infection of those strains; it does not prevent cervical cancer. Dr. Harper also brings up a very valid point that there has been no data offered to show that Gardasil remains effective for more than five years.

There seems to be another inconvenient truth. If a woman has one of these HPV high risk strains in her body when she receives the vaccine, she can get cervical cancer from the vaccine. Does it potentiate the existing HPV strain? I'd consider that a negative efficacy rate. Testing for HPV infection before administration of the vaccine is not cost effective. Also if someone has received the original Gardasil vaccine and completes the series with the new Gardasil 9 vaccine, the response rate is significantly reduced.

A truly independent agency is urgently required to undertake studies on the content of contaminating DNA and RNA, retroviruses and metal toxicants and other potential contaminants in the HPV vaccines.

No child or young person should have to suffer any assault to their health because they or their parent(s) trusted the medical community and our regulatory agencies. If a treatment or medicine or vaccine can result in injury or death, there must be informed consent. In regard to the HPV vaccine, Dr. Diane Harper has said, "The decision to be vaccinated with this vaccine must be the woman's or the parent(s) of the young person and not the physicians or any board of health, as the vaccination contains personal risk that only that person or parent(s) can value." Knowledge of the inherent risks needs to be shared, without prejudice, by the medical and academic communities, departments of health and child services, regulatory agencies and in independent forums. The insert in the vaccine package needs to be made public, not an abbreviated form the doctor might hand out to the patient or parent(s) if questioned or requested. Religious and philosophical exemptions must always be in place. When research findings and the public outcry threaten the immunization policy, when conflicts of interest and compromised regulatory agencies have been exposed, then those in position of power must react with integrity and courage. Rhode Islanders, it is time to get informed, speak out and let your elected representatives know your concerns. Many R.I. citizens are coming together via www.NOHPVmandateRI.com to fight against the HPV vaccine mandate.

Deborah H Jennings, R.N.

Middletown, R.I.


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