In case you’re looking...some creative job options

Posted 12/3/21

It is not a surprise that most of the best jobs are in the medical field; doctor, orthodontist, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, speech and language pathologist, anesthesiologist, …

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In case you’re looking...some creative job options


It is not a surprise that most of the best jobs are in the medical field; doctor, orthodontist, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, speech and language pathologist, anesthesiologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, surgeon, pharmacist and optometrist.  The rest of the list is rounded out by lawyers, those in the IT field, and financial managers.  There are a few high paying jobs that are not included in the top 100 list because the demand is limited.    

INDEED lists the job of Bereavement Coordinator, a position which does not require a college degree even though it services most of the aspects of death and dying. Not just a representative from a funeral home, this person meets his clients in the hospital or nursing home. He arranges for volunteers to provide support, provides family bereavement counseling, informs about finances, arranges wills, and plans the funeral details desired by a terminally ill person. This person needs to be stoic, a good listener, patient and knowledgeable about the services available.     

For those frustrated artists, the position of billboard installation might be perfect.  The worker cannot be afraid of heights and must be able to see the bigger picture up close. He has to have a steady hand as the seams need to line up exactly. No educational requirements are needed.

Hot dog vendors are often able to make a lot of money depending on their location.  My nephew had a cart in downtown Providence from which he sold Saugy hot dogs made in RI.  They were both a tourist draw, and a delicacy for Rhode Islanders, and he funded his college education this way.

Models, in general, can make a lot of money.  One of the most unique types is a live mannequin whereby a good-looking person, adorned with an outfit sold in the retail store, stands completely still.  Because of the novelty of this, more people are drawn to look, and, thus, to admire the clothing.  However, one does not need to be supermodel awesome to earn a living by quietly flaunting one’s appearance.  There are many people who make good money by modeling just one amazingly attractive body part.   Hands, feet, legs, ears, necks and eyes can be appreciated in photo shoots for close-up pictures of products such as shoes, socks, make-up, earrings, and cosmetics. I am not generally model material, but I have great toes, and could be an awesome sandal wearer.

There is a perfect job for those who like to scuba dive; a safe profession, unlike a shark stalker. This job could be fun, given the right weather.  Golf ball divers can earn $100,000 a year! It only involves diving to the bottom of the water hazards and ponds on golf courses to retrieve golf balls, which are much easier to catch than fish or turtles.  For people who do not like the water, there is another lucrative golf course job; goose chaser.  It has been said that geese can each eat three pounds of well-manicured golf course grass, making their presence very destructive. A person with a goose chasing plan, either on foot, by dog, with repellant, noise or firecrackers, can make a lot of money.

A person with horses can provide hippotherapy, a type of therapy used for both children and adults.  This person not only has to be great with horses and have well-mannered horses available, but also requires a professional degree as a certified therapist with knowledge about disabilities. Hippotherapy can be used to improve a person’s physical range of motion and socialization.  Similarly, an Art Therapist combines individual therapy along with creative arts.  Often used to help patients heal, it can ease stress and improve self-esteem.  A degree in psychology or counseling, along with art training is required.

For strong individuals who can drive a truck, the job of portable toilet delivery pays well.  Yes, it can be a disgusting, dirty job, but after it has been completed, the financial reward is worth it. What it lacks in glamour it makes up for in pay.

In these COVID times when so many people are losing jobs, it is nice to have some creative, well-paying options. I am a social worker by trade and pleased with my career.  However, were there ever a call for cute toes for a photoshoot, I’d be off in a flash.  I understand it pays a lot of money!


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