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Inheriting valuables like coins, jewelry and collectibles can be a blessing and a curse. While these items might hold some sentimental value, many people no longer want to continue with the collection. What comes next is often a stressful search for a reputable company which can identify, value, and buy these items.

Many have come to rely on the expertise, knowledge, and irrefutable reputation of Cranston’s New England Coin Exchange. The company was founded in 2007 by David McConaghy and his family who themselves had had many frustrating experiences dealing with other shops whose owners never seemed fully transparent when identifying and determining the value of an item.

David, who once started and then took public a semi-conductor company, ventured into this business in 2005.  Now, over 15 years later, he is a licensed Numismatist (a certified coin expert), Gemologist (a specialist in gems) and well-respected businessman.  By his side is his son Dylan whose passion for their work almost eclipses his own! Together, along with his wife Josephine, sons David II and Bradlee, they make a formidable team who can answer almost any question you might have about the value of any coin, collectible or jewelry.  Theirs is a knowledge and expertise that has been honed over years of study, research, and experience.

When asked what is most important to the McConaghys, the answer is always “trust, integrity, and honesty.” These are the guiding principles of this family of experts. The McConaghys are always transparent with you, whether you bring them that pile of costume jewelry or that rare coin you inherited from your grandfather’s coin collection.  The most valuable items ever brought in were a complete surprise to the owner and were thought to be common coins and cheap costume jewelry.  You never know what you are going to find at New England Coin Exchange!

Who are the customers who patronize New England Coin Exchange and what work is done there?  The customers who come to the Coin Exchange come from all walks of life and include Probate Attorneys, Financial Planners and collectors of all types. Many have come into the possession of items that they want to sell but have no idea of their value.  David takes his time with each customer, doing all his appraisal work in full sight. Great respect is always shown for both the customer and the item ~ the McConaghys knowing full well that sometimes what has great sentimental value to some may ultimately have little monetary value.  This is sensitive and important work.

There is no charge to have your items identified and valued, and no appointments are needed.

New England Coin Exchange is found at 1053 Park Avenue next to T’s Restaurant.  To learn more, call them at 401-339-2934, visit their informative website at or find them on social media sites.  Hours are Tuesday ~ Friday, 10am-5pm and Saturdays, 10am-2:00pm.


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