Wednesday, April 20th, starting at 5:30 PM


Comstock Crossing” – AP 36, Lots 5, 51-53, 36 & 38

(Located on the eastern side of the intersection with Comstock Parkway and Plainfield Pike)


Site Visit will be held at the lot adjacent to the Cox Communications Distribution Center and across the street from Latte Love Coffee House on Comstock Parkway near the intersection of Comstock Parkway and Plainfield Pike (50 Comstock Parkway).



The purpose of this special joint site walk is to hear the applicant’s PRE-APPLICATION presentation and for members of the City Council, City Plan Commission and the public to gain a greater understanding of the site and scope of commercial land development proposal.  Please note, this site walk is not a traditional public hearing.  A series of required public hearings will be held by both bodies prior to any formal decision being made on this proposal.  No action will be taken other than calls to order and adjournment.

Who’s invited:  City Council, City Plan Commission, and any interested members of the public


Proposal Summary:  The applicant seeks to amend the Comprehensive Plan – Future Land Use Map and change the land use designation from “Industrial” to “Highway Commercial.”  The applicant proposes to then amend the Cranston Zoning Map and change the designation from M-2 to C-5.  Finally the applicant proposes to develop the site for a new commercial development Comstock Crossing (see attached site plan for details)


Future Public Hearings:  An application has not yet been submitted so no date for future public hearings are available at this time.  The project will require public hearings before the Development Plan Review Committee, City Plan Commission, Ordinance Committee, and City Council.

Subject Land:  AP 36, Lots 5, 51-53, 36 & 38


Owner/Applicant:  Owners Lots 51-53

Lot 51 – Julian J. DeMarco Jr., and his Successors as Trustee of the Julian J. DeMarco, Jr. 1998 Declaration of Trust, and Dennis DeMarco

Lot 52 – Julian J. DeMarco Jr. and Regina DeMarco, as Joint Tenants, and Tenants in Common with Dennis Demarco, and Roberto DeMarco as Joint Tenants

Lot 53: Julian J. DeMarco Jr., and his Successors as Trustee of the Julian J. DeMarco, Jr. 1998 Declaration of Trust, as Tenants in Common with Dennis R. DeMarco, and Roberta DeMarco as Joint Tenants.

Applicant Lots 51-53 – Elizabeth Paul

Owner/Applicant, Lot 38 – KM Realty, LLC

Owner/Applicant, Lots 5 and 36 – Alwoodley Realty, LLC

If you have questions, comments, or concerns, you can submit them in writing to the Planning Director Jason M. Pezzullo, AICP via email at , or contact him directly at 401-780-3222.


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