Oaklawn Car Wash

The Car Wash that cares about your car...and you


A driver pulls off busy Oaklawn Avenue and into the lane at Oaklawn Car Wash, a familiar sight on the Cranston landscape. Within seconds, he is greeted by two hard-working crewmembers who immediately begin their thorough vacuuming of the inside of the vehicle – leaving no crumb behind! Thoroughness and attention to detail are the hallmarks of Oaklawn Car Wash, and every car, truck or van that passes through the tunnel of this state-of-the art business gets this same first-rate treatment. As Ron Cataldi Jr. attests, “Our car wash will always put quality over quantity, 100% of the time.”
At the other end of the car wash, more crewmembers are waiting to shine up your windows and towel dry your vehicle ~ leaving no streaks, no drips, no dirt. When their customers drive out of Oaklawn Car Wash, they do with a spotless car ~ one that illustrates the pride that the crews here take in their work. Ron Cataldi, Sr., the longtime owner of the car wash, expects nothing less than this from his team, and you can depend on them to deliver this kind of workmanship every time.
Ron Cataldi, Sr. purchased Oaklawn back in 1983 when he still owned the transmission shop next door. His son Ron, Jr., who was fifteen-years old at the time, would lend a hand when he wasn’t in school, learning his strong work ethic from his father at a young age. Today, the two of them ~ along with the Ron’s daughter-in-law Maria (the “Friendly Face of Oaklawn Car Wash”) ~ make a formidable team, having devoted the last 37 years to the business’s success. The Cataldi family has garnered a loyal following and today, it is not uncommon to see customers come from across the state to have their cars washed and reconditioned here. The Cataldi’s value loyalty, and they have worked hard to earn it.
Getting your car washed is only one of the many comprehensive services offered at Oaklawn. With the same meticulous effort, your vehicle can have everything done from the basic “Jiffy Wash” to the “Complete Conditioning” (including a machine buff, hand wax, complete tire and wheel treatment, shampoo of the interior, complete armor-all in and out and intense detailing.) You can also join a membership which allows you unlimited car washes – all at an easy $14.99 for the first month with varying price options paid monthly. A fantastic deal for those who want to prolong the finishes on their cars.
Car-washing and reconditioning are not the only things offered at Oaklawn; this is also a full-service U-Haul® dealership. Trucks, vans, and pick-up trucks are available 24/7 for pick-up or drop-off with every supply you could need for your move, from boxes to tape to mattress bags. Convenient, reliable, affordable.
Oaklawn Car Wash is found at 801 Oaklawn Avenue. Hours are Monday ~ Saturday, 8:00am to 4:30pm (post-daylight savings), Sundays, 8:00am to noon (weather-permitting). Questions? Call 401-943-6322 or visit them at www.oaklawncarwash.com.


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