Police Log 02-15-24

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Around 9:21 a.m., Jan. 5, Warwick Police Officer Justin N. Martin responded to UPS at 150 Plan Way to investigate the report of an employee who stole an item out of a package while …

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Police Log 02-15-24



Around 9:21 a.m., Jan. 5, Warwick Police Officer Justin N. Martin responded to UPS at 150 Plan Way to investigate the report of an employee who stole an item out of a package while working his shift.

The witness told police that an employee was seen on video surveillance walking into an employee bathroom with a package in his hand.

The employee was identified as James R. Williams, 62, of 25 Hemlock Drive, Exeter.

In the video, Williams was shown exiting the bathroom with the package, which had been cut open. His hand was allegedly inside the package.

“He then walks to a door that leads outside that (the witness told police) he should not be going out of, and goes outside and closes the door and leaves his foot in the door to prop it open,” Martin wrote in the arrest report. “At this time, he is out of video view and you can not see what he’s doing.”

Williams re-appeared in the frame of the video and can be seen “throwing items into a trash can right next to the door he was standing next to,” according to police.

At a later time, a member of UPS’s cleaning staff found purple tissue paper and an opened UPS package in the trash can. They also found an invoice for Ross Simons, for a pair of “Ruby Red Earrings,” valued at approximately $300.

When the UPS witness called Williams and inquired about the missing earrings, the suspect first denied it, according to police. When the witness told him the incident was captured on video, he then allegedly admitted to taking the earrings, according to police. Williams allegedly said he was experiencing “tough times.”

UPS informed police they would like to pursue criminal charges, because “they are now liable for the missing items in the package.”

“(The witness) did state that if Williams is able to return the earrings or $300 to UPS, they will not pursue charges,” according to the police report. Police then attempted to contact Williams by phone “numerous times,” but were unable to reach him.

Police issued an arrest warrant for one count of Embezzlement and Fraudulent Conversion (greater than $100).

Around 7:40 a.m., Jan. 22, Williams turned himself in at the Warwick Police Department. He was handcuffed, searched and escorted to the booking room where h e was photographed, fingerprinted and secured in a cell. He was then transported to Third District Court, where he was turned over to the custody of the Rhode Island Sheriff’s Department.


Around 7:20 a.m., Jan. 17, Warwick Police Officer Ryan E. Riecke was on routine patrol when he was dispatched to Post Road Extension Rotary for the reports of an erratic operator.

The vehicle, a gray Mazda, was reportedly “all over the roadway,” according to the arrest report.

The caller had followed the vehicle to provide police with the location. Police said the vehicle had “just completed a full loop driving circles around Apponaug.”

Riecke found the vehicle as it turned through the rotary onto Veterans Memorial Drive.

“I immediately noticed that the front drivers side tire was bent and damaged based off of the way it was turning while driving,” Riecke wrote. “I continued to observe the vehicle as it went straight into the Dunkin Donuts rotary. During this time I saw the vehicle drifting around in its lane and having a very difficult time staying within the lines on the roadway.”

The vehicle crossed “the white dotted lines significantly several times,” according to police.

Riecke initiated a traffic stop and identified the driver as Christopher L. Klinger, 46, of 17 Baker St., West Warwick. Other officers arrived on the scene to assist. The driver allegedly had “very watery eyes and seemed very confused when I started to talk to him,” Riecke wrote.

Klinger allegedly had “extreme difficulty trying to locate his registration and ultimately gave up,” according to police. They spotted a brown paper bag on the floor of the car containing several small bottles, “nips,” of alcohol.

There appeared to be fresh damage to the vehicle’s front driver’s side fender. The tire rim was bent.

“It appeared that the vehicle may have likely struck a curb recently,” Riecke wrote. Police found additional damage on the passenger’s side door and front fender, which appeared fresh and worse than the damage on the other side of the vehicle. “It appeared that what was struck on the passenger’s side was much greater in size than a curb.”

Klinger told police he had no idea how the damage “got there.” Later, police say Klinger admitted to striking a guardrail “at some point in his travels.”

Police asked the driver to consent to a series of standardized field sobriety tests. Following the tests, he was arrested and transported to the Warwick Police Department. In custody, Klinger consented to a Breathalyzer test. The first test resulted in a 0.232% BAC (blood alcohol content); the second  registered a 0.267% BAC.

Klinger was charged with DUI of Liquor (0.15 BAC or greater, first offense), and received a citation for Laned Roadway Violations.


Around 4:44 p.m., Jan. 16, Warwick Police responded to Target at 400 Bald Hill Road for the report of a shoplifting incident in progress. On the scene, police spoke to a loss prevention employee who described a female suspect who had allegedly shoplifted from the store about a half hour earlier at another Target store, at 1245 Bald Hill Road.

The suspect was later identified as Zabrina Kirk, 41, of 650 Killingly St., Apt. 2, Johnston. According to the arrest report, Kirk entered the 1245 Bald Hill Road store empty-handed around 3:40 p.m., walked to the small appliance section and placed two bins in the cart, along with various other items.

Police said Kirk passed all points of purchase without making an attempt to pay for the items.

Then Kirk arrived at the 400 Bald Hill Road location, where police had been dispatched.

While police were in the store, Kirk allegedly walked out of the store with a cart full of items. Los prevention told police that there was a vehicle waiting outside in the parking lot with a male driver “standing by.”

“Due to Kirk passing all points of purchase without making an attempt to purchase the items, and her admitting that she did not pay for the items in her cart, I placed Kirk in handcuffs to the rear which were checked for fit and double-locked,” Warwick Police Officer Bryan C. Araujo wrote in the arrest report.

Target valued the items Kirk had in the cart at $668.64. According to police, they found items allegedly stolen from the other Target store inside Kirk’s vehicle after she was taken into custody. Target valued those items at $211.21, and informed police the store management would like Kirk “trespassed from the store.”

Kirk was charged with two counts of misdemeanor Shoplifting and informed of the no trespass order, according to Warwick police.


Around 3:05 a.m., Jan. 14, Warwick Police Officer Kevin P. Grant Jr. was on routine patrol traveling north on Post Road when he spotted a red sedan exiting Earlham Way, “at what appeared to be a high rate of speed,” according to the arrest report.

“The suspect vehicle failed to stop at the stop sign and crossed over both southbound lanes on Post Road, before rapidly switching lanes back into the northbound lane of travel,” Grant wrote.

Near the Grid Iron Ale House and Grille at 1599 Post Road, Grant clocked the vehicle at 55 miles per hour in a clearly posted 35 mph zone. Grant initiated a traffic stop and identified the driver as Manora Pak, 39, of 24 Princess Ave., Cranston.

Pak told police he was at a friend’s house where he had consumed two drinks.

Police asked the driver to consent to a series of standardized field sobriety tests. Following the tests, he was arrested and transported to the Warwick Police Department.

At the station, Pak refused to take a chemical breath test.

Police charged Pak with DUI of Liquor (BAC unknown, first offense). He received citations for Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test (second offense), Speeding (11+ in Excess of Posted Speed Limit) and Laned Roadway Violations.


Around 8:30 p.m., Jan. 19, Warwick Police Officer Nicholas E. DeMarco was dispatched to the Motel 6 parking lot at 20 Jefferson Boulevard.

Upon arrival, he identified the driver as Tanessa Miller, 48, of 20 Jefferson Boulevard, Apt. 117, Warwick. Police found Miller next to her red Ford pick-up truck, which was parked next to a wooden fence and dumpster. Half the fence was destroyed and the dumpster was pushed on an angle several feet from the debris, according to police.

“I asked Miller what had happened, to which she stated that she was backing up, when the brakes gave out,” DeMarco wrote in the arrest report.

Miller allegedly told police she had visited the Dunkin Donuts across the street. Police asked if the tags on the vehicle matched the vehicle, and she allegedly admitted that they did not. The vehicle had rear bumper damage.

A witness told police that he was alerted by the sound of a crash. When he looked outside, he saw a woman driving a red pick-up truck, which was still running. He confronted the woman, and she allegedly apologized.

Miller allegedly told police that she had not had any alcohol to drink, but she had smoked a “blunt” approximately an hour earlier. Police said they smelled alcohol, and Miller had “watery eyes.”

Police asked Miller to consent to a series of standardized field sobriety tests or a chemical breath test. She refused both.

“I advised Miller that if she refused (the tests) she would be arrested, due to the fact that I suspected that she was under the influence,” DeMarco wrote in the arrest report. Miller then agreed to take the field sobriety tests.

She was transported to the Warwick Police Department where she again refused a chemical breath test, according to police. Police charged Miller with DUI of Liquor (BAC unknown, first offense) and cited for Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test (first offense).

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