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There is hardly ever a time when the expression “call in the experts” applies more than when it comes to servicing a vehicle’s transmission.  With the chilly temperatures of a New England winter soon upon us, these transmissions are more vulnerable than ever ~ and the need for the expert skills of the team at Quaker Transmission is greater than ever.

The team at Quaker Transmissions in West Warwick is known for its reliable and professional repair and maintenance work on transmissions, as well as its expert replacement and repair of the clutches of foreign and domestic automobiles and light trucks. There is no transmission they cannot handle, automatic or manual.

This fall, as temperatures turn colder, the owner of Quaker Transmission, Rob George, recommends some important guidelines to help prolong the life of your transmission in the cold.

  • Allow your motor to warm up before putting your vehicle into gear.  Modern transmissions rely on information from sensors on the engine.  If the engine is cold, the computer will actually think the transmission is cold too.  The computer will modify the performance of the transmission until it senses that it is up to operating temperature.
  • Store your vehicle in a climate controlled garage, if possible.  The garage doesn’t have to be toasty hot, just warm enough to keep the fluid from thickening and the parts from shrinking too much (about 50º F is reasonable.)
  • Use synthetic transmission fluids which behave much better and retain their given specs under cold weather conditions.  Be sure to find the synthetic fluid designed for your specific vehicle.
  • Drive easy for the first few miles.  This will give the fluid and internal parts time to come up to normal operating temperatures.

Maintaining your vehicle is much like taking care of your body.  When you take care of it, it becomes dependable, long-lasting and able to endure the strains and stresses of time and wear!

Take care of your vehicle’s transmission in every season by bringing it to Quaker Transmission for all your repair and maintenance needs ~ and ensure that you don’t get left out in the cold months ahead!

Many who need upkeep and repairs on their transmissions postpone the necessary work on their vehicles because of the expense.  The team at Quaker Transmissions urges its many customers not to wait until they have a crisis on their hands before intervening.  To help manage the costs, Quaker Transmissions offers financing through Synchrony Financial®. For those who qualify, there is no interest on your bill if paid in full within six months.  Check with Barbara George to find out the benefits of Synchrony.

Quaker Transmissions is located at 67 Tiogue Avenue in West Warwick. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. and on Saturdays by appointment only. Call 401-826-2800.


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